Guys beg snake that just slithered from hood of moving pickup to please get off

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Updated Jun 30, 2017

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If you’ve been driving long enough—especially in rural areas—you’re going to end up with some interesting critter stories.

Two men driving to work in a pickup recently on a Texas highway got up close and personal with a bull snake that had taken refuge under the hood in the wiper bay right next to the windshield.

Swade Moyers posted a video of the creepy encounter on Facebook where it’s gone viral. He and his friend, Zakary Wyatt, first saw the snake when they were traveling about 75 mph near Lubbock, Texas.

“Swade froze up, placed the truck in cruise control, took his feet off the pedals and tucked them under him,” Wyatt told “I wasn’t sure what was happening until he told me to look at it.”

Getting rid of this passenger, however, wasn’t as easy they had hoped. Think Snakes on a Plane meets Snake in a Pickup.

At one point when Moyers pulled over it looked like the snake was ready to slither off the hood of the Chevy Silverado, but it surprised them both when it headed right back to the windshield towards its new hangout on the washer cowl under the hood.

“That scared the piss out of me,” Moyers said.

When the snake went back under the hood Wyatt recalled his wife’s story about a co-worker watching a snake make its way into the interior of car through an A/C vent.

“That’s immediately what I thought of when I saw the snake move back under the hood–that it could come at us from anywhere inside the cab. I felt safer when it had its head poking out,” Wyatt said.

Eventually, while the truck was still pulled over, the snake slithered off the hood onto the shoulder of the road, keeping the guys from having to leave the safety of the truck to confront it with an umbrella.

Since both men are petrified of snakes, someone else later was given the not-so-fun job of lifting the hood and checking for additional snakes or snake eggs. All was clear.

Hmmm…maybe we’ll be seeing a critter cowl at SEMA soon? Looks like there may be a market for them in Texas.