Video: Cummins' New Engine Can Run on 4 Different Fuels

Cummins unveiled its fuel-agnostic 15-liter engine platform – able to run on hydrogen, natural gas, diesel or biofuels – for heavy-duty, off-highway equipment at last month’s ConExpo.

On this episode of The Dirt, we take a closer look at the innovative Cummins’ engine and what the company envisions for the alternative fuels of the future. The answers might surprise you.

To learn more about the engine, host Bryan Furnace interviews Cummins marketing communications director Steve Nendick.

Nendick describes the new engine as compact and light yet able to deliver high power and torque. It lets owners run it on whatever types of the fuels they choose, enabling them to be flexible as the industry strives to head toward a zero-carbon-emissions future.

To learn more about the exciting things happening with Cummins’ engines and in the world of alternative fuels for construction equipment, check out this episode of The Dirt.

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In This Episode:

00:00 - Cummins Fuel Agnostic Engine and Alternative Fuels

00:42 - What Is the Cummins Fuel Agnostic Engine?

02:52 - What Is the Current State of CNG Usage?

05:01 - How Much Does It Cost to Use CNG?

05:40 - Will Tier 5 Regulations Incorporate Alternative Fuels?

05:57 - What Are the Pros of Switching to Alternative Fuels?

08:39 - When Will There Be Wider Adoption of Alternative Fuels?

09:13 - What Is HVO Fuel?

09:49 - Why Is Hydrogen the Best Alternative Fuel?

10:10 - Why Bother With Hydrogen if CNG Is More Widely Available?

11:48 - What Are the Challenges Facing Widescale Hydrogen Production?

12:48 - Why Right Now Is an Exciting Time for Alternative Fuels

13:55 - Final Thoughts