Five must-have iPhone apps for construction professionals

Updated Oct 23, 2013

A quick look at the progression of software like AutoCAD shows how technology’s evolved for construction and engineering professionals. But on the other side of the industry, mobile apps are a growing part of how technology and the construction business roll together. Simple tasks like calculations, measurements and project management are even simpler with the use of these smartphone and tablet apps.

SmartBidNet ($0.99, iOS)


This app works alongside SmartBidNet’s bid management software and helps users keep track of vendors and subcontractors on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It includes both financial data on each bid, as well as measurement and statistical information for the projects attached. The app is only a dollar on the App Store, but you have to be a current SmartBidNet customer to use it.

iRhino 3D ($3.99, iOS)


iRhino is one of the better rated 3D apps for iOS (3.5 stars) and lets users load Rhino 3D files from email attachments, websites, Dropbox, Google Drive, or iTunes. The files are read-only, but you can zoom, pan and hover images with finger gestures. Plus, this app is has been updated for the all-new iOS 7.

Architect’s Formulator ($9.99, iOS)


Architect’s Formulator is the calculator for just about every trade profession on the planet. You can see from the second screen shot that it measures building materials and has specialized calculators for construction professionals, plumbers, electricians, and more. These 200 formulas for 23 different architects amount to a tool well worth the $10 price tag.

iQuick Contract Maker ($2.99, iOS)


Drafting contracts from scratch is a pain, but it’s an ever bigger hassle when you’re on-the-go. iQuick uses a series of templates and forms to make drafting and emailing contracts possible right from your iPhone. A new contract takes about five minutes and can be used for construction, landscaping or home repair. Small business owners that lease equipment through third parties like Sunbelt Rentals could use this app to set rental prices for customers.

Procore (Free, iOS)


Project management software’s come a long way and is a crucial part of organization in the field. Users can create, manage and share projects on Procure as well as log timecards and project photos. It has a high rating (4.5 stars) and is an unbelievably polished app for costing nothing to use.