ESAB introduces new cutting package

ESAB Welding and Cutting Products introduced the new PowerCut 900 manual cutting package. The PowerCut 900 makes cutting easier and more economical by simplifying operation, reducing set-up time and enhancing consumable life. The 60-amp PowerCut 900 cuts 7/8 inches and severs 1-1/4 inches.

The PowerCut 900’s durable external housing prevents damage by suspending sensitive internal electronics from the aluminum frame to reduce shock and vibration. It also works to prevent corrosion with silicone-sealed switches. The tool offers a tool-less quick disconnect torch that disconnects from the machine without the use of wrenches or special tools, allowing easy disassembly for storage, repairs and replacement.

The tool’s blow back technology eliminates high frequency start-ups that can disrupt CNC controls and nearby computer systems. Its automatic mode selection function senses which cutting mode is in operation and adapts accordingly.

Additional features in the PowerCut 900 include a side-mounted automatic fan control, a built-in power line conditioner, a torch wrap and spare parts kit holder and a plug-n-play mechanized option.

For more information on the PowerCut 900 manual cutting package, visit ESAB’s website.