Metabo launches new line of cordless power tools

Metabo launched its new line of 18-volt PowerMaster lithium ion cordless power tools with the rugged BS18 LTX drill/driver. Useful for rugged industrial and commercial applications, the cordless BS18LTX offers a lightweight housing, shorter battery charge time and a powerful compact drill/driver.

The BS18LTX weighs 4.4 pounds, measures 8.5 inches and uses an aluminum die cast gear housing with a four-pole motor that provides users with a lightweight, powerful tool. The drill/driver features hex spindle technology that allows the user to remove the chuck and drive screws with the /-inch hexagon recessed spindle. This adds versatility to use the cordless tool in tight or cramped spaces, such as maneuvering around joints or in assembly operations.

The tool uses an 18-volt, 2.6 AH Li-Power Extreme battery that charges quickly and increases battery life. Metabo’s air-cooled charging technology cuts charge time by 30 percent, giving the tool less down time. The company’s Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) gives the battery longer service life by monitoring individual cells to prevent damage.

The drill/driver offers a dual range torque adjustment, allowing users to set the torque to either 13 inch-pounds through 31 inch-pounds or 31 inch-pounds to 114 inch-pounds. Maximum continuous running torque is 372 inch-pounds and up to 850 inch-pounds for momentary maximum spikes. The tool uses a no-load speed of 0 rpm to 400 rpm in first gear and 0 rpm to 1,400 rpm in second gear.

Metabo’s Variospeed full-wave electronic speed control allows users to vary the speed from lowest to maximum value. The tool comes with a 1/2-inch chuck, offers a drilling capacity of 1/2 inch in mild steel and 2 inches in wood and features a built-in LED light for easier visibility in dark spaces.

To watch the BS18LTX in action, watch this video footage of the new PowerMaster series.

For more information on the BS18LTX and the rest of the PowerMaster series, visit Metabo’s website.