Product Focus: Compact dozers

Dislodge stumps, clear land with D75, D85 and D95 dozers
The New Holland D75, D85 and D95 deliver blade angle forces up to 31,000 pounds and blade angle torque up to 85,200 foot-pounds. This allows these machines to dislodge tree stumps, clear land and do finish grading, ditching, backfilling or spreading. Rated at 75, 84 and 96 horsepower respectively, the dozers’ turbocharged engines have an integral water pump and oil cooler and a poly V-belt with automatic belt tensioning. The machines feature hydrostatic transmissions that provide smooth, precise steering control and speed changes from 0 to 6 mph. The transmission automatically adjusts dozer speed and torque to match changing load conditions. The counter-rotating track allows you to make 180-degree spot turns for fast direction changes and easier maneuvering in tight spaces.

Adjust the blade cutting edge angle with a quick wrench turn
The 450J, 550J and 650J John Deere dozers offer standard, infinitely adjustable blade pitch link. With only one wrench, the blade cutting edge angle can be adjusted to any position from 52 to 60 degrees. The J Series machines use Deere PowerTech 4045T engines with 500-hour oil change intervals. The engine’s wet-sleeve cylinder provides quiet operation, improved cooling and simplified design. The machines’ dual path hydrostatic drive transmission has infinite speed control, a power management system, live power turns, counter-rotation, dynamic breaking and automatic tracking control. A Speed-in-Grip transmission control system offers an increased number of user definable rates, allowing flexibility in tailoring the operating characteristics of the machine to your preferences.

PowerStat muscles full blades through curves and turns
Case Construction Equipment’s 650K, 750K and 850K Series 2 dozers have quiet, high-visibility cabs, hydrostatic PowerStat drive for maximum power throughout a turn and a tilting operator’s station for easy servicing. The PowerStat drive gives the machines extra muscle, and Case-designed PowerStat components for the high horsepower needed to push the fullest blades, even through curves and turns. This reduces the number of passes needed to move material. The hydrostatic drive is controlled by a single lever with electronic straight tracking, two bump-up, bump-down speed buttons with six speed increments and an adjustable ratio of reverse to forward speed.

Upgrade small machines with laser grade control system
Caterpillar’s G-Series small dozers – the D3G, D4G and D5G – produce 70, 80 and 90 horsepower at the flywheel, respectively. Standard equipment includes two heavy-duty, 12-volt 900 CCA batteries, a turbine-type precleaner, a 110-amp alternator for longer life, and an air intake heater for easier cold-weather starting and an adjustable suspension seat. The machines can be upgraded with the Caterpillar AccuGrade Laser Grade Control system as a factory-installed feature that allows you to fine grade with increased accuracy.

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Tailor your speed to the job at hand
Komatsu America’s line of KomStat II dozers – the D31EX/PX-21, D37EX/PX-21 and D39EX/PX-21 – feature the company’s electronic control hydrostatic transmission and Palm Command Control System for advanced operator control. The hydrostatic transmission allows variable (20 increments of speed adjustment) or intermediate (three distinct speed ranges) speed selection. Both variable and intermediate modes allow you to match the dozing speed to jobsite conditions. The dozers also have adjustable reverse speed control, allowing the machine to reverse either slower or faster than the chosen forward dozing speed.