Product Report: Steerability

It’s only fitting as part of its 60th anniversary Vermeer has put a new twist on a core product. The RTX100 pedestrian trencher has what the company terms an “intuitive steering system,” plus interchangeable tracks and tires for the utility, landscape and rental markets.

The VZ Steer system requires minimal operator effort to control machine direction – simply move the handlebars in the direction you want to move. The handlebar system eliminates the need for additional levers or steering wheels to maneuver the machine. Whether operating in forward or reverse, you can control the angle and sharpness of the turn, allowing movement around obstacles and confined spaces.

An estimated 10-minute change out switches the machine from tracks to tires, or vice versa. The 7-inch-wide rubber tracks eliminate the chance the machine will become disabled in an existing trench.

Equipped with a tandem hydrostatic ground drive pump and a separate attachment pump, the RTX100 can trench up to 36 inches deep and 4 to 6 inches wide.

Vermeer’s 60th showcases diversification
Vermeer’s new machines highlight its current targeted markets – specialty excavating, environmental solutions and large-diameter gas and oil pipeline distribution – while staying true to its core utility machines:

RTX750: Quad track design is now available in a smaller RTX trencher combo.

HG8000 horizontal grinder: Powered by a 1,050-horsepower Cat diesel, the grinder has a 50-inch-high by 71.5-inch-wide millbox opening.

SC852 stump cutter: Achieves cutting heights of 31 inches above ground and 25 inches below grade.

12-inch-wide rockwheel attachment: A hydrostatic motor powers the 84-inch cutting wheel.

Maxi-size rigs: The D500x500, D750x900 and D1000x900, which came with the company’s 2007 purchase of Horizontal Rig & Equipment, tackle large diameter pipe installations.

CT1010TX compost turner: Self propelled unit has elevating-face technology.

BC2100XL brush chipper: Two horizontal feed roolers, a belt-tensioned clutchless cutter drum, plus three engine options.