Inventor hopes to bring road repair robot to market

Road repair work might get a lot easier and safer if a machine using recently patented technology makes it to the marketplace.

Technologist William Zurn has invented a self-propelled robotic road repair machine that analyzes and repairs surface imperfection in road surfaces and sub-layers. With its interchangeable work modules,the automated vehicle can complete multiple repair tasks as it moves over the surface of the road.

Zurn designed the robotic road repair system in an effort to create a quicker, safer and more effective alternative to traditional methods of road repair. An everyday annoyance — driving over potholes — sparked the idea for the machine. He is currently seeking partners to bring the technology to the market.

Zurn is currently working on four additional patents, three medical machines and another construction-related device. He said he can’t discuss the details of these inventions because they are still going through the patenting process.