Putzmeister unveils industry’s longest-reach concrete boom pump

Putzmeister says its new 63Z-Meter truck-mounted concrete boom pump is the largest in the world. Officially called the BSF 63z.16H, the truck features over 200 feet of vertical reach and more than 190 feet of horizontal reach. This reach, combined with the unit’s five-section boom and Z-fold configuration, gives it exceptional maneuverability in hard-to-reach working areas.

Putzmeister’s Ergonic technology is standard. This main electronic control system gives operators coordinated control of the boom and pump, while retaining various operational functions to accommodate future control requirements.

Using the system’s Ergonic pump control system, for example, operators can view system functions from a graphic display system, allowing them to change selected pump settings such as the number of strokes, pressure limits and truck rpm.