National pavement performance data available online

If you’re looking for data on long-term pavement performance, you can now use your computer to access information collected from 2,400 test sections at more than 900 locations throughout the United States and Canada.

The Federal Highway Administration’s Datapave program website,, is designed to allow users to select and view information from specific test sections. Users can choose sections based on location, pavement layers or experiment type. Performance histories for the pavement sections show users whether the pavements are demonstrating signs of distress, such as transverse cracking, fatigue or rutting.

“DataPave gives engineers and technicians a tool to obtain hands-on national pavement performance data,” says Antonio Nieves, a member of the Long Term Pavement Performance product team for FHWA. “The online version gives users the added flexibility of logging into the DataPave website from anywhere they are.”

DataPave online provides a user-friendly means of exploring, extracting and organizing LTPP data for analysis, Nieves says. A data dictionary provides detailed information on data tables and attributes and a section on data codes explains the numerical coding used to describe those attributes. You can export data into Microsoft Access and Excel formats and use structured query language to create customized data analysis sets.

To go to the DataPave website, click on the link to the right.