Contractor completes 1,252-vehicle garage in five months with hybrid frame

The construction of a five-level, 1,252-vehicle parking structure at the Frisco Sports complex in Frisco, Texas, is different from other parking garages in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Completed in five months, the project is the first to be built using a pre-cast, post-tensioned hybrid structure.

The pre-cast structure, proposed by Tulsa Dynaspan, was erected in only six weeks. The columns, spandrels and beams were plant-cast components, while the elevated decks constructed of a 5-inch, post-tensioned concrete were cast on site.

“[The hybrid technology] exceeded our expectations and allowed the project to move very quickly,” project manager Brent Blake said. “This garage is a beautiful project.”

Centex Construction Company of Dallas was looking to build a structure that would meet the construction schedule, budget, aesthetic and durability requirements of the project. According to TDI Vice President David Bobbitt, the hybrid technology helped Centex meet those goals.

“This hybrid technology provided the owner with a fast, quality and cost-effective solution not attainable with other building systems,” Bobbitt said.

While such a pre-cast structure was a first for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, TDI has used it to construct several parking projects in Tulsa, Okla., and other construction projects nationwide. The company focuses primarily on constructing parking and office facilities that merge new technology with interesting facades and architectural treatments.

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