Bosch expands RapidRepair program

Three thousand construction tools have been repaired through Bosch’s 1-year-old RapidRepair program, which promises tool owners a five-days-or-free tool repair turnaround.

Bosch tool dealers and RapidRepair partners serve as local drop-off points for end-user repairs. They ship each tool to one of 16 Bosch Factory Service Centers where it arrives the next day. The tool is then repaired within one to three days and shipped back to the RapidRepair.
One of the service centers performed the program’s 3,000th repair in March. The company has 160 RapidRepair partners in 23 states and 16 repair centers.

Bill Kelley, regional service manager for Bosch, says the company has made only two free repairs. “Nobody’s perfect, but our service centers have come pretty close,” he says. “We’re all committed to meeting the five-days-or-less standard.”

In return for being local drop-off points for repairs, RapidRepair partners receive a percentage of every repair invoice. “It’s a natural fit for us,” says Ken Van Diggelen, rental manager for Dunn Lumber in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. “We make money on the tool repair but we don’t have to invest in equipment or train technicians and we can rent the customer a tool while his is being repaired.”

Mark Shear, service marketing manager, says Bosch is looking at logistic options for implementing the program in markets that are currently beyond one-day UPS ground coverage from service centers. “We’re also developing program enhancements like putting our RapidRepair bins right at major jobsites,” he says.

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