Video: Tractor Trailer Crashes into Workers’ Truck in Construction Zone

Me Photo Headshot
Road Worker truck after semi trailer crashed into it
Two workers were in the truck when the tractor trailer crashed into it June 24 on U.S. 127 in Ingham County, Michigan.
Michigan State Police District 1

Roadworkers in a Michigan construction zone had a close call recently when a tractor trailer crashed into their truck, as can be seen by video released by the Michigan State Police on X:

Dashcam video shows the tractor trailer driver losing control on southbound U.S. 127 in Ingham County at 12:30 p.m. June 24.

The tractor was pulling two gravel haulers, ran off the road and overcorrected, according to police. The second trailer fishtailed and hit the workers’ truck, which was parked in the construction zone. Two workers were inside the truck, and one had minor injuries, police report.   

The tractor-trailer driver was cited with careless driving in a construction zone.

“This crash could have turned out a lot worse,” the police said, reminding the public “of the importance of slowing down and paying attention in the construction zones.”

Rise in Work Zone Crashes

The crash follows a survey by the Associated General Contractors that 64% of highway contractors reported crashes inside their work zones – a 9 percentage-point increase over last year.

AGC says it is pushing Congress to require data on work zone crashes be collected by the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and that states create plans to reduce such crashes. It is also working with its chapters to push for better enforcement and education measures.  

AGC is also calling on state legislatures to enact tougher laws, including automated speed-camera enforcement, to increase worker safety.