BOMAG Goes Light & Compact with Half-Lane BM 2200/65 Cold Planer

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Updated Jul 18, 2022
BOMAG BM 2200/65 Cold Planer dumping asphalt millings into back of dump truck
The new BM 2200/65 cold planer can be used on a wide range of milling jobs, BOMAG says.

BOMAG designed its new BM 2200/65 half-lane cold planer to be light and compact for greater maneuverability and easier transport.

With a 58-inch milling radius, the planer can handle such tasks as small roundabouts and cul-de-sacs. It can be used on a wide range of milling jobs, BOMAG says, thanks to various drum designs and a choice of three rotor speeds.

It weighs 60,296 pounds and runs on a 630-horsepower Cummins Tier 4 Final engine. The conveyor has a 16-foot discharge height. Its skewing angle is 65 degrees to the left and right for discharging materials into a truck on both sides of the mill. The conveyor can retract to 23.6 inches, which is shorter than previous models, for easier transport.

BOMAG also added technology to make operation easier. Easy Cut automatically adjusts the height of the rear drive to follow the front of the machine to its set depth. Easy Level displays grade and slope settings on the 7-inch display in the operator’s station.

BOMAG BM 2200/65 Cold Planer vertical photo asphalt milling shooting from conveyor into back of dump truckThe conveyor on BOMAG's BM 2200/65 cold planer has a dump height of 16 feet and can swing 65 degrees left and right.BOMAGThe operator’s station is designed to reduce vibration. BOMAG also added design changes to increase visibility, including a stepless platform that shifts up to 7.8 inches to the side for a view of the right cutting edge and side plate. The planer features a slim contoured design and enhanced forward views of the cutting edge, mill track and front danger zone, and enhanced rear views.

BOMAG adds that the planer’s BMS15L quick-change cutting-tooth-holder system is designed to reduce resistance and deliver up to 20% fuel savings.

The BM 2200 has a standard water spray and dust-extraction system. Dust extraction can be increased with the optional Ion Dust Shield, which the company says removes up to 80% of dust particles smaller than 10 microns.

Service points were also made easier to access, with filters and fuel ports for fuel and AdBlue reachable from the operator’s station via the engine hood. It is also equipped with left and right service panels to access the auxiliary drive and milling gear.

Quick specs

  • Operating weight: 60,296 pounds
  • Engine: 630 horsepower
  • Max working width: 86.6 inches
  • Max working depth: 13.8 inches
  • Cutting diameter: 40.2 inches