Tech startup using artificial intelligence to detect bridge flaws

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Updated Dec 5, 2019
Photo credit: Joseph SohmPhoto credit: Joseph Sohm

A technology startup company based in New York and Israel has begun deploying artificial intelligence to find flaws in bridges and tunnels long before a collapse occurs.

Dynamic Infrastructure aims to create “medical records” for bridges, tunnels and elevated highways. Using images captured by smartphone, drones and laser scanning, the company says it can compare images with those taken during previous inspections to quickly and cost-effectively detect any problems.

“Like MRI for humans, the 3D ‘medical records’ serve as the basis for the alerts on changes in maintenance conditions,” the company says. “The diagnostics can be easily accessed through a simple browser and can be instantly shared with peers and contractors to speed maintenance workflows and increase return on investment.”

The company’s AI system creates live, cloud-based, 3D views of the bridge or tunnel and automatically sends alerts when changes in maintenance and operation conditions are detected.

Dynamic Infrastructure has locations in New York, Germany and Israel and was founded in 2018 by Saar Dickman and Amichay Cohen. They collaborated on developing the AI technology with industry experts in the United States and Europe, the company says.

The company has projects underway in the United States, including in Michigan, Maryland and Suffolk County, New York, as well as in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Israel, according to The Jerusalem Post. Partners include departments of transportation, public-private partnerships and private companies, the company says.

“We provide actionable monitoring and alerts that can better manage expenditures and help prevent the next collapse,” Dickman says. “We are bringing the data revolution to the decision-making process of bridges and tunnel maintenance based on our cutting-edge imagery analysis.”

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