Piece of concrete from Ohio bridge falls, striking windshield of vehicle driving below

Updated Jan 19, 2019
East Avenue Bridge over I-76/77. Google Earth screen shot.East Avenue Bridge over I-76/77. Google Earth screen shot.

A large piece of cement tubing came loose and fell from the East Avenue Bridge in Akron, Ohio, striking the passenger side of the windshield of a vehicle passing under the bridge on Interstate 76/Interstate 77, Friday afternoon, December 14, News 5 Cleveland reports.

“It was like an explosion inside my vehicle with glass and dust flying everywhere,” said Len Brown, the driver of the vehicle, told the news agency. “If I had a passenger and was going just a little slower, that object would have come directly inside my vehicle and killed my passenger, I’m sure.”

Luckily, he was not injured, but the cement left a massive hole in the windshield and damaged the frame above it as well. Cars behind Brown were able to swerve out of the way as the object rolled off of his vehicle.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) issued a statement saying, “Yes, a piece of debris fell from the bridge yesterday. Our inspectors went out as SOON as we heard about it. There are NO further concerns about this bridge.” ODOT has also reached out to Brown about filing a claim for the damage to his vehicle.