Repairs to 88-year-old Plattsmouth Bridge completed

Updated Feb 2, 2018


Plattsmouth Bridge.Plattsmouth Bridge.

Plattsmouth Bridge Commission spokesman Roger Johnson announced that repair work on the historic Plattsmouth Toll Bridge spanning the Missouri River between Nebraska and Iowa has been completed, The Plattsmouth Journal reports.

Repairs on the 0.2-mile bridge structure, which was originally built in 1929, began in November 2017 and included the replacement of multiple gusset plates and cross members.

“Everything was done without a problem,” Johnson told the news agency. “There were no issues that came up during the process.”

Johnson told the news agency that the commission spent $132,957.64 on engineering and design services, and contractor services cost $536,425. The total price tag included inspection services, engineering costs, and all of the repair work, as well as road signs to inform the public when the bridge would be closed.

Ayers Associates spent four days inspecting the bridge for any signs of rust, corroded bolts, or aging gusset plates, and delivered their findings to the Plattsmouth Bridge Commission. JMW Construction took those findings and developed a repair plan.

Johnson told the news agency that the weight limit on the bridge will be increased. Engineers are currently evaluating the bridge to determine a proper weight limit, which will be relayed to commission members who will adjust the weight limit accordingly.