Linden Comansa crane to erect main pylon for Montreal bridge

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Updated Oct 11, 2017

A project to replace Montreal’s busiest bridge is getting some help from a Linden Comansa 21LC550 crane.

The company began erecting the crane, which will be used to build the 588-foot-tall main pylon, on the deck of the bridge in September. The crane will stand 591 feet tall from the base of the pylon.

The pylon will be part of a new bridge to replace the Champlain Bridge, which carries 136,000 drivers across the St. Lawrence River. The current bridge is deteriorating from the extreme cold and road salt. Construction on the new bridge began in 2015 beside the current bridge, which remains open to traffic.

The new bridge is expected to be completed by December 2018.

You can watch a video of the upper crossbeam “bowtie” construction for the main pylon below.