PennDOT begins preliminary work on Memorial Bridge over Antietam Creek

Road Work Cones ConstructionLarge concrete blocks were placed in the West Branch of Antietam Creek June 19 as preliminary work began on the replacement of Memorial Bridge that spans the Washington Township and Borough of Waynesboro line, reports. If all goes well with the preliminary work, the bridge replacement project will begin on July 6.

“We are diverting the water so that work can be done underneath the bridge,” Randy Kinley, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) transportation inspector, told the news agency. “We hope to get all of them in within the next two or three days to complete the diversion and get the area dried up.”

Kinley told the news agency that one lane of the old bridge would remain open to traffic while work was done on the other side, but that the traffic would be controlled by signals. After one side of the bridge is complete, traffic will switch sides with two lanes open on the completed bridge while the other half of the old bridge is taken down.

Most of the work on the new bridge is expected to be finished by October. “The structure is going to be done, no doubt, then we got some final paving on both sides to get everything tied in, which may or may not get done this year,” Kinley told the news agency.

Jeff Geesaman, Washington Township assistant manager told the news agency that the new bridge will feature decorative lights on the corners and a large sidewalk for pedestrians.