New Jersey provides 373 municipal aid transportation project grants valued at $78.8 million

Updated Jun 7, 2017

New Jersey Welcome SignThe New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund is supplying $78.8 million to 373 local aid grants aimed at providing funds for municipality transportation projects without those entities needed to draw on local property taxes.

“Most of the Municipal Aid grants will support road resurfacing or preservation projects, and will help towns make much needed repairs,” says New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) Commissioner Richard T. Hammer. “These grants will help keep local roads in a state of good repair without burdening local property taxes.”

A total of 628 applications were submitted for the program, at a collective value of $287.3 million. Through the program, counties are provided a share of the total funding using a formula considering the local centerline miles and population. NJDOT says municipalities then compete for a share of what the county gets.

Out of the total, $5 million is for municipalities that qualify for Urban Aid. Municipalities that have adopted Complete Streets policies are given additional consideration. NJDOT reports at the due date for the grant applications, 122 municipalities in the state have adopted Complete Streets, 111 submitted applications and 99 of them were recommended for grants at a combined total of $21.4 million.

A full list of the 373 grants, including locations and project type, is available here.