USDOT releases Every Place Counts Leadership Academy Transportation Toolkit

The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has released the Every Place Counts Leadership Academy Transportation Toolkit, aimed at providing a resource to train emerging transportation leaders across communities, cities, regions and states.

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-2-59-48-pm“If you have a transportation idea, concern, or challenge on your mind, or if you want to participate in the process of making decisions about transportation, this Toolkit is for you,” says Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. “As we worked on the Design Challenge, it was clear that communities have important feedback about the transportation options in their area and that we in the transportation community need to be clear about the process.”

Materials in the toolkit include:

  • The Transportation Toolkit explains the basics using clear design and plain language. This Toolkit helps people figure out how to participate effectively in transportation decision-making processes. For example, it explains how to find good data to show the need for a transportation project and when may be the best time to contact an agency with an idea.
  • The Quick Guide gives an overview of the Transportation Toolkit contents in a short, colorful booklet.
  • The video highlights the experience of attending a Leadership Academy.
  • The Online Resource Library provides in-depth resources on topics like the National Environmental Policy Act and accessibility.
  • The Facilitator’s Guide helps emerging community leaders plan and lead their own Leadership Academies by outlining a set of learning activities and discussions that help participants engage with the content of the Toolkit.

“Communities often find they are missing the opportunity windows to provide valuable input about the transportation options their area needs,” said USDOT Chief Opportunities Officer Stephanie Jones. “The toolkit is a way for communities to learn the process and be able to provide the input that would create the network that will work for them.”

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