Montana DOT wins AXIAM Award for asset management excellence

Updated Nov 24, 2016

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) won first place in the new AXIAM Award that recognizes public or private agencies for “demonstrating excellence in infrastructure asset management.” The award was presented during the AgileAssets 2016 International Users Conference in Austin, Texas.

MDT was recognized for their new safety information management system (SIMS) used to support the state’s strategic safety program. It is based on AgileAssets Safety Analyst software.

“Montana is a Vision Zero state. Our goal is to reduce fatalities and serious injuries by 50% by 2030, and the new SIMS is proving to help us get there,” says Patricia Burke, MDT safety engineer. “We now have a new process in place, where we can share vital information on crashes with other government agencies, and to identify and propose mitigation measures for identified crash locations on Montana’s roadway network.”

Burke says the system gathers data from multiple sources where the agency can then analyze its network for “hot-spots” and recommend treatments. It can also share statistics, reports, maps and other information that helps the agency reduce number and intensity of crashes.

“I congratulate Montana DOT for their AXIAM award-winning SIMS project, and I am happy that our software system is helping to provide increased safety to Montana road users,” says Stuart Hudson, AgileAssets CEO. “I believe that easy, intelligent use of data is key to safe and reliable roads, and Montana DOT has proven this in practice. It is a great win for all involved.”