Caltrans proposes seismic retrofits for bridges in Sacramento region

Updated Aug 9, 2016
The Mokelumne River swing bridge Photo Credit: California Deltas ChamberThe Mokelumne River swing bridge Photo Credit: California Deltas Chamber

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is proposing seismic retrofits for three bridges in the Sacramento region: the Mokelumne River Bridge, the North Sacramento Undercrossing Bridge and the Paintersville drawbridge, Capitol Public Radio reports.

Caltrans says the bridges are safe, but they don’t meet current requirements for withstanding earthquakes.

Dennis Keaton with Caltrans, told the news agency that the project must first go through the environmental review process and planning phase, and that work on the Paintersville Bridge will require approval from a branch of the military.

“We have to get approval on construction also with the U.S. Coast Guard because of the boating laws and regulations,” Keaton told the news agency. “At all three locations, it looks like it’s going to be one-way traffic control. So, we’re gonna have to manage those times.”

The cost of the seismic updates is expected to reach $38 million, with construction beginning in 2019.