Oregon DOT partnership pairs Zipcar rentals with Amtrak train times

Updated May 17, 2016
Image credit: Zip and RideImage credit: Zip and Ride

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), Amtrak Cascades and Zipcar have partnered to launch “Zip and Ride” to position Zipcars walking distance away from three Amtrak train stations.

The program will allow Amtrak Cascades customers to use a Zipcar in time with the train service, a moved aimed at avoiding “traffic headaches and parking stress” while providing special membership and reservation rates.

The stations connected to the service include Portland Union Station, Salem Station and Eugene Depot.

“Oregon is a national leader in sustainable and innovative transportation, and this partnership provides yet another ‘green’ option,” says Hal Gard, Administrator for ODOT’s Rail and Public Transit Division. “Drivers can avoid I-5 congestion and take Zipcar for convenience and flexibility at their destination, all while enjoying free time and comfort on the train with Amtrak Cascades’ bistro and free Wi-Fi service.”

Examples of usage scenarios include:

  • Government employees commuting or traveling for meetings between Eugene, Salem and Portland for work can take the train to their destination, then pick up a Zipcar at the train station and drive around town for meetings or site visits.
  • Local business employees can travel to work via train, then reserve a Zipcar to run supplies between offices or meet with clients.
  • Bike commuters can board Amtrak Cascades with their bikes, then reserve one of Zipcar’s Yakima bike rack-equipped vehicles to complement their trip.

“Our ‘wheels when you want them’ service is a true complement to the Amtrak Cascades line,” says Jeremy Nelson, Zipcar Portland general manager. “The ‘Zip and Ride’ program will enhance the quality of life for Oregonians by making it easy and affordable to get out and experience all that the state has to offer.”

More details on the program are available at www.zipcar.com/zipandride.