Nebraska DOR adds members to County Bridge Match program working group

Updated May 2, 2016

1280px-Welcome_nebraskaThe Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) recently announced members of the County Bridge Match Program (CBMP) working group. The recently signed Transportation Innovation Act (TIA) created the group, which is tasked with defining criteria and guidelines for the program.

The CBMP is one of three programs the TIA established, and is authorized to have up to $40 million from the Nebraska Transportation Infrastructure Bank. The program is slated to end in 2023.

NDOR says group members will meet over the spring and summer to define the CBMP to prepare for implementing it later this year. By Dec. 1, the group must present a summary that includes participation criteria and matching fund requirements for counties to the state legislature Appropriations Committee and the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee.

NDOR Director, Kyle Schneweis, “We are excited about the opportunity to implement innovative solutions to improve our bridge infrastructure,” NDOR Director Kyle Schneweis says. “NDOR looks forward to working with our bridge partners to develop program criteria as we move forward with these much-needed improvements to our county bridges.”

Working group members include: Larry Dix, Nebraska Association of County Officials (NACO) executive director; Steve Riehle, Hall County engineer and president of the Nebraska Association of County Engineers, County Highway Superintendents and County Surveyors (an affiliate of NACO); Chris Jacobsen, Custer County highway superintendent; Steve Mika, Saunders County highway superintendent; Kevin Barta, Knox County highway superintendent; Tim Ryan, Keith County highway superintendent, and Dennis Wilson, Sarpy County engineer and member of NDOR Innovation Task Force.

“It is encouraging, especially to those aware of the issues with county bridges in Nebraska, that NDOR has put so much emphasis on ensuring stakeholders are involved in defining the process and program selection criteria,” member Steve Riehle says.