Massachusetts seeks $200 million for local transportation funds via Chapter 90 program

Updated Feb 18, 2016
Photo Credit: Flickr user J. Stephen ConnPhoto Credit: Flickr user J. Stephen Conn

Gov. Charlie Baker has filed an act seeking $200 million for transportation infrastructure improvement projects at the local level via the Chapter 90 funds.

An Act Financing Improvements to Municipal Roads and Bridges,” also requests funding authorization for a small bridge program as well as an authorization request for the federal aid highway program.

“We are pleased to file $200 million this year to support local officials and are committed to maintaining the same funding level for three years to support long term planning and economic growth,” Baker says. “Every city and town depends on access to these flexible transportation funds and these investments will ensure municipal improvements remain front and center.”

The Chapter 90 Program began in 1973 and reimburses municipalities for transportation projects meeting program requirements. Municipalities submit expenses to their respective district of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Highway Division, which in turn submits the receipts to MassDOT’s fiscal department that ultimately reimburses the municipalities.

The act the governor filed also requests authorization of $50 million for a five-year small bridge program to repair roughly 1,300 bridges measuring between 10 and 20 feet, aiming at bridges that are not eligible for federal aid and are at high risk for full or partial closure.

Additionally included in the act is an authorization request for $750 million for the federal aid highway program.

“Our partners at the local level understand best that building stronger communities starts with making the short and long-term improvements to guarantee a reliable transportation network,” said Lt. Governor Karyn Polito. “We look forward to the legislature’s thoughtful review and continued efforts to place our cities and towns at the forefront.”