Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure opens membership to private construction, engineering firms

Updated Jun 12, 2015

Institute for Sustainable infrastructurePrivate sector construction, engineering, planning and design firms are now able to join the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s (ISI) Sustaining Membership, which is designed for companies to be recognized for “competency and experience in the development of sustainable infrastructure projects.”

ISI, in a partnership with Harvard’s Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure, has created the Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system. Envision is web-based and available in the public domain for free.

“Originally designed specifically for civil infrastructure, the Envision tool can help decision makers develop nationally recognized sustainable projects for all types of infrastructure, other than habitable buildings,” ISI said in a statement. “It can also be used for industrial infrastructure, which has a significant effect on the sustainability of the communities in which they are sited. “

The system is being used by the City and County of Los Angeles, the New York City Department of Environment Protection, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, and the San Diego Airport, among others. ISI said more than 3,000 people are credentialed as Envision Sustainability Professionals.

“The ISI Annual Sustaining Memberships are inexpensive and include a complementary training as part of the credentialing program for the first employee from a new member, and will provide a listing on the ISI website for Sustaining Members as an Envision Qualified Company (EQC),” ISI said. “The EQC listing can be an asset for firms that want to be recognized for sustainable infrastructure of all kinds.”

More information is available here.