GSSI launches ground penetrating radar for road inspection, analysis

Updated Apr 20, 2015


Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.’s (GSSI) new RoadScan 30 ground penetrating radar (GPR) system can inspect and analyze roads at highway speeds and can be mounted to the front of a truck.

GSSI says the system is designed for measuring pavement thickness, evaluating a road base and sub-base, and measuring available asphalt before milling operations begin. By being truck-mounted and traveling at highway speeds, no lane closures are needed.

The system includes a SIR 30 control unit with a 1.0 or 2.0 gigahertz horn antenna (up to four antennas can run simultaneously), a Smart ID module, a wheel-mounted distance measuring instrument, 7-meter control cable, transit case, mounting kit, and AC adapter.

Data is output in ASCII file format so files can be transferred to a variety of software programs, but information can also be exported as Google Earth™ files.