Baldor Industrial Portable Generators



Baldor portable generators are designed to meet your demands when dependable portable power is required. The performance and durability of Baldor portables have made them the generator of choice for industrial and rental/construction applications. Baldor™s brushless two-pole design is maintenance free and manufactured to the highest quality standards in an ISO 9001 facility.


Baldor portable generators are equipped with industrial grade engines to provide the performance and dependability you can count on. Baldor manufactures it™s own generators and backs them with an industry leading 3- year limited warranty. Baldor portable generators also feature “Switchless Full Pow”R”, eliminating the need for a “Full Power” switch. Automatically get the 120V or 240V nameplate power rating without having to flip a switch. Baldor Premier portable generators incorporate the features you™ve come to expect from the leader in portable power generation.

  ¢ “Switchless Full Power”  Automatic 120V/240V operation.
¢ “Automatic Idler System”  Reduces fuel consumption, extends engine life.
¢ “Focal Vibration System”  Reduces vibration, extends generator life.

Hour meter, Voltmeter, and Fuel Gauge

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