Caterpillar® H55Ds Hydraulic Hammer For Compact Equipment Features High Power and Superior Reliability, Serviceability

The Caterpillar® H55Ds hydraulic hammer is designed for high productivity and reliability through the use of a number of innovative features. The H55Ds features a simplified design that reduces the number of parts by almost half when compared to the previous model, the H50s. The result is increased reliability and easy service. Additionally, the new hammer features a higher blow rate and 25 percent more power for superior production from a 436-pound (198-kg) work tool. The energy class for the H55Ds is 500 ft-lb (678 J).

The H55Ds is sized for use with all Cat® skid steer and multi terrain loaders as well as the 302.5, 303.5 and 303 CR mini hydraulic excavators. Recommended carrier weight is 5,500 to 9,900 pounds (2 500 to 4 500 kg). The new hammer is compatible with the Caterpillar pin grabber quick coupler system. For expanded versatility, the H55Ds can be equipped with a chisel, moil, spade or compacting plate.

Additional features include:

  • Enclosed housing”Protects the power cell and reduces noise generated.
  • Recoil isolation”Protects the carrier from damaging forces.
  • High- and low-pressure accumulator”Protects the carrier hydraulic system and assists the power stroke.
  • One-piece body”Eliminates tie rods and nuts for better reliability.
  • Integral mounting”Eliminates need for brackets on excavators.
  • Two-position hose mounting”Optimizes hose routing.

Standard sound suppression improves operator comfort and environmental protection. The new hammer is matched to current and next generation Caterpillar compact machines.

For more information about the H55Ds hydraulic hammer, customers should contact their local Cat dealer or visit the web site at