Redmond, Wash. (September 17, 2008) To optimize value in terms of greater uptime and cost of ownership, Genie Industries today introduced newly redesigned versions of its popular S-80 and S-85 telescopic booms. The significant changes on the S-80 and S-85 booms include: fixed width axles; an exclusive virtual pivot boom assembly; faster elevation time; improved software design for smoother, more comfortable operation; and intuitive operator and serviceability features.

The new design of the S-80 and S-85 was adapted from our high-selling S-60 and S-65 telescopic booms, said Phil Harvey, booms product manager for Genie Industries. We™re convinced that operators will experience greater ease of use and owners will appreciate the enhanced serviceability features, which ultimately maximize uptime and minimize cost of ownership.

The fixed width axles on the redesigned S-80 and S-85 booms give the machines an 8™2 total width both on the trailer and on the jobsite. They can be easily transported over the road without a special permit on a standard equipment trailer. Because the axles are fixed, the boom is ready to drive right off the trailer, maximizing productivity at the job site. The fixed axle system improves the machine™s durability and efficiency, as serviceability is easier and less costly by having fewer hydraulic components and moving parts.

New to the S-80 and S-85 telescopic booms is the exclusive virtual pivot boom design which Genie Industries introduced in 2003 on the S-60 and S-65 booms. The primary benefit of a virtual pivot boom is its ability to keep the weight of the boom over the chassis™ center of gravity as it elevates. This eliminates the need for extra counterweight and keeps the overall weight of the machine down for better use in more sensitive terrains.

To enhance operator efficiency, the elevation time on the S-80 and S85, from fully stowed to fully elevated, is significantly decreased to 68 seconds. An improved control system with boom angle sensors gives operators a comfortable feel with smooth action, especially at the top height of elevation. The only 80 foot boom in the industry with a patented active oscillating axle, it provides better traction in rough terrain for a smoother ride for the operator. Redesigned control box labels on both the top and bottom panels of the boom provide an intuitive interface for operators.

Other significant updates on the S-80 and S-85 further enhance the machine™s serviceability and maintenance. The former shotgun style cylinder boom assembly has been replaced with a single cylinder and sequencing cable system, the same assembly on the S-60/S-65 booms that is lighter weight and less costly to repair. Many of the hydraulic hoses on the swing chassis have been replaced with hard lines that provide consistent routing, longer life and easier maintenance.

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