New highways create jobs. What if they are foreign?

Uh oh.

Is this something we are going to see more of?

The case is among the first brought by a union to stop a public project being handled by private investors, an area that is growing in the U.S. as cities and states struggle financially.

That’s the Wall Street Journal and the newspaper is referring to the “Gateway to San Fransisco”, a highway being built from San Fransisco to the Golden Gate Bridge. The “case”  in question occurs because the highway “is being built in a partnership with foreign investors under a new law that allows private firms to build public roads in California. And state engineers, who are missing out on much of the design work, are suing to stop it.”

As fund-starved public agencies across the country look to more public-private partnerships — and for that matter it’s something a Republican-lead House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in Washington would also love to see — is this case the ghost of PPPs future?

Check out the WSJ article and I think you might be a little worried if such partnerships are part of your future plans.