Volvo Construction Equipment expands its C-Series hydraulic excavators line

Ec240 C Jobsite 0126 ReThe C-Series excavator line has the more powerful Tier 3-certified Volvo engines, delivering exemplary fuel efficiency. These engines have been united with intelligent hydraulics, and a more rugged undercarriage and superstructure — but that is only half the story. The operator’s environment, already class-leading with the B-Series, has been substantially upgraded, giving operators more comfort, more space, a better climate, better visibility and improved controls that are easier to use. Put these elements together, along with simplified servicing and monitoring, and the C-Series offers a high production, maximum-uptime machine.

These Tier 3 engines have V-ACT (Volvo Advanced Combustion Technology), which provides high torque at low revs, leading to ultra-efficient fuel consumption. Impossible to stall, the onboard computer balances maximum available power to hydraulic output, preventing the engine from becoming overloaded (regardless of engine speed or pump demand).

See the changes, feel the changes

The B-Series was instrumental in establishing Volvo Construction Equipment as a leading player in the global excavator market. The C-Series is set to take that success to a new level. The primary, at-a-glance improvements include:

  • CareTrack now standard. Volvo now offers CareTrack, its state-of-the-art telematics system, on all machines over 12 tons with a three-year customer service subscription. CareTrack is used to manage a machine’s productivity and maximize its availability for work. Using GPRS (mobile network) or satellite technology to send information, data is available securely and instantaneously to any remote online connection.
  • Advanced hydraulic flow. With boom, arm and swing priority. In-cab, operator-selectable hydraulic flow and pressure increases performance, especially when regularly changing attachments. Highly responsive for fast cycle times. Hydraulically driven fan only operational when needed, reducing fuel consumption further.
  • Better controls, more space, more glass, less noise, less vibration. A larger Volvo Care Cab offers more room where operators really need it, with particular attention given to allowing plenty of space for big site boots to work without restriction. Visibility is also much improved — especially upper and lower visibility. Multi-adjustable seat, pedals and joystick offer the perfect operating position. The enhanced suspension system surpasses emerging cab vibration requirements, reducing operator fatigue and whole body vibration. In-cab noise levels are also reduced, thanks to the low revving engine, redesign of the cooling system and to the pressurized insulated cab itself, which blocks sound. A new color LCD display is easy to read, also in very bright conditions and offers real-time information.
  • Class-leading climate control. The electronic climate control comforts the body with the highest capacity heating and cooling ventilation system of any rival excavator.
  • Safer. ROPS cab. All steps and platforms feature punched steel plates for superior grip. The new windshield wiper cleans a wider area — including both upper corners. An optional rear-view camera provides a safer view while slewing or during travel.
  • Easier to service. Ground-level access makes inspection and service convenient, straightforward and safer. Centralized lubrication points and long service intervals reduce downtime. An LCD monitor conducts a self-diagnostic check routine for maximum uptime.
  • More rugged. Strengthened high tensile steel undercarriage frame absorbs stress with rigid strength. Reliable, reinforced, doubled-welded boom and arm offer capacity, reach and force. Sealed-for-life greased track link prevents leaks, reduces noise and ensures longevity. Protected hydraulic lines and bolt shields prevent collision damage.
  • Parts commonality. The C-Series shares over 100 components found on other Volvo equipment, including the wheeled excavators. This ensures an increased level of parts availability when you need them the most.
  • Environmental awareness. 95 percent of a C-Series Volvo excavator can be recycled. External sound levels are also greatly reduced. External paint is lead-free.

With the launch of the C-Series excavators, Volvo demonstrates once again that it builds more care and quality into its machines. Care for the machine owner, care for the operator, care for the service technician and care for the environment around it.