Missouri DOT creates Statewide Inclusion Advisory Council

The Missouri Department of Transportation has created a new council to work closely with the agency to promote greater diversity and inclusion in the areas of employment, procurement and construction.

The Statewide Inclusion Advisory Council (SAIC) will consist of members who can provide MoDOT with an extensive, statewide perspective and awareness of diversity and inclusion.  These individuals will be selected from a wide range of disciplines, such as community-based organizations, contractors, women- and minority-owned business leaders, business associations, labor management, employment services and job finder services.

MoDOT district engineers and the directors of the divisions of External Civil Right and Equal Opportunity and Diversity will make recommendations regarding individuals to serve on the council. Members will be appointed by the department director.

“MoDOT is committed to becoming an even more diverse organization and ensuring everyone has a chance to do business with the department,” said Kevin Keith, director of the Missouri Department of Transportation, in a written statement. “This council will help MoDOT develop a broader perspective in all the work we do so we will become a more inclusive employer and business partner.”

MoDOT’s Equal Opportunity and Diversity Director Rudy Nickens will oversee and administer the SIAC.  It will meet on a regular basis and schedule meetings with MoDOT leadership and the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission as needed.