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With a rated operating capacity (ROC) of 3,875 pounds, Bobcat’s S850 skid steer loader boasts 17-percent more ROC than the company’s previous largest skid steer loader, the S330, according to the manufacturer. With an operating weight of 10,008 pounds, the S850 is the largest Bobcat skid steer loader now available, offering a lift height of 144 inches with its vertical-style lift arms. Powered by a 92-horsepower, water-cooled diesel engine, the S850 is designed to work long hours on demanding jobsites, so routine maintenance has been minimized to enhance operator productivity. Simple checks and superior design make it easier to perform maintenance correctly at the proper intervals, says Bobcat.

The 400 Series 3 line of skid steer loaders from Case Construction Equipment includes eight models ranging from 57 to 83 net horsepower. Rated operating loads range from 1,500 to 3,000 pounds. The 410, 420, 430, 440 and 450 models feature a radial-lift design especially well suited for pushing or digging work, such as finish grading or material distribution. The 435, 445 and 465 models, with a vertical-lift design, excel in lift-and-carry jobs, such as loading rock or mulch into a truck or placing pallets onto a trailer. Single-location daily service checks remain a hallmark of the line, with sight gauges for checking hydraulic and coolant levels, a dipstick for checking engine oil levels and the air filter all located in the back of the machine. The Case easy-tilt ROPS provides easy access to major components.

Caterpillar says its new B-Series 3 skid steer loader (SSL) and tracked “multi-terrain” loader (MTL) models are more reliable, safer and easier to operate. The product family is comprised of SSL models 216B3, 226B3, 236B3, 242B3 and 252B3, and MTL models 247B3 and 257B3. A larger engine and more powerful hydraulics for the 242B3 and 257B3 make these compact loaders “power-dense,” says the manufacturer. All models feature a single electronic control module (ECM) relocated for improved access and reliability, and facilitating new ECM-enabled features. A heavy-duty 880 CCA battery is now standard on the larger loader models and a redesigned dead-engine lower valve provides a safe exit for the operator if the machine runs out of fuel or the engine stalls with the lift arms raised. For a table comparing the Caterpillar B-Series 3 specs, please go to the November 2010 Better Roads digital edition at and click on Digital Edition.

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The new Caterpillar D Series compact excavators – models 303.5D CR, 304D CR, 305D CR and 305.5D CR – are zero- and compact-radius machines that build on the quality design and reliability of their C Series predecessors, according to the manufacturer. With model designations that closely reflect their operating weights (3.5 to 5.5 metric tons), the new machines feature enhanced stability, a redesigned work-tool coupler, load-sensing hydraulics, and engines that meet U.S. Tier 4 Interim and E.U. Stage IIIA emissions regulations. Models 303.5D CR and 304D CR are zero-tail-swing machines that keep the radius of the upper body within the width of the tracks; models 305D CR and 305.5D CR are compact-radius machines that limit upper-body tail swing over the tracks to 5.5 inches or less. Increased-width undercarriages for the 303.5D CR and 304D CR and heavier counterweights for the 305D CR and 305.5D CR enhance machine stability. A new pin-grabber-type coupler, available with new optional hydraulic operation, combines positive work-tool retention with a design that maintains tight tolerances between the coupler and tool, significantly reducing wear. For a table comparing the Cat D Series compact excavator specs, please go to the November 2010 Better Roads digital edition at and click on Digital Edition.

The John Deere 320D skid steer model, part of the company’s new D-Series, features such customer-requested industry firsts as fuel-saving auto-idle, an optional reversing hydraulic fan and a V-Plenum cooling system that provides significantly more cooling capacity and performance. The 320D’s cab also has 24-percent more room than its predecessor and six more inches of headroom, and is also quieter and positively pressurized, the manufacturer says. The 50-percent noise reduction in and around the D-Series cab comes from several sources beyond mere sound absorption, including a hydraulic fan drive, an auto idle feature (which also saves fuel), and the new electronically-controlled engines, says John Deere. A high-performance HVAC system includes eight adjustable airflow vents for additional comfort. Ranging 58 to 89 net horsepower, the 318D, 320D, 326D, 328D and 332D are the new John Deere skid steer models, joining the existing small-frame, radial-lift 313 and 315 in the product line.

E-Z Drill offers the Model 210 Twin Vertical, a concrete drill attachment that is compatible with most skid steers and compact track loaders. The rock drill system contains two adjustable vertical drills and is completely pneumatic. The system can be controlled from the cab via pneumatic remote, which is powered by the same air compressor as the drills. The drill attachment uses CP 69 rock drills and has the capability of drilling a hole between 0.75 and 2.5 inches in diameter. It features a maximum drilling depth of 17 inches and requires a minimum of 260 cubic feet per minute of carrier capacity for operation. Drill spacing adjusts easily from 5 to 10 feet on center.

The 27SR ACERA zero-tail-swing compact excavator from Kobelco Construction Machinery America is available with either a three-post canopy or fully-enclosed cab system. The three-post ROPS/FOPS with canopy features an extra-wide entry and exit to the operator’s station. Inside the work station, ergonomically-positioned controls provide easy access to all critical functions. The machine features a 21.6-horsepower, three-cylinder, Tier 4-certified diesel engine. The 27SR compact excavator has a bucket breakout force of 6,351 pound-feet, a maximum operating weight of 5,555 pounds, a maximum digging depth of 8 feet 4 inches, and a standard bucket capacity of 2.80 cubic feet.

The KX057-4, a conventional-tail-swing model in the 5-ton class, is part of Kubota’s new KX-4 Series compact excavator family that the company says is designed to provide operators with enhanced performance and increased stability in open areas. The KX057-4 offers an optional hydraulic float angle blade with 25-degree pivot angle for increased productivity. At the same time, the machine’s new design adds stability and lift capacity. Featuring a 47.6-gross-horsepower, direct-injection Kubota diesel engine, the compact machine also has easy-to-reach controls, extensive safety attributes and a new digital display panel.

The New Holland E50B compact excavator features an operating weight of 10,274 pounds, a maximum dig depth of 11 feet 9 inches, and a bucket breakout force of 11,128 pound-feet. This machine meets Tier 4 emissions standards. A hydraulically-controlled dozer blade is designed to match the width of the tracks, and an optional four-way angle blade is available for added versatility. A fully-enclosed cab system with a heater is available on the E50B. Air conditioning is standard when ordered with a cab.

The FFC cold planer by Paladin Construction Group attaches to a skid steer loader for the milling of asphalt and concrete surfaces. The hydraulic attachment is designed to mill down frost heaves, concrete and asphalt joints, and full-depth utility cuts. The cold planer uses a V-shaped pick pattern on the drum, where the teeth are evenly spread for a smooth, balanced operation. Four teeth are mounted on both outside drum edges to accommodate the highest wear areas. The V-shaped pattern helps carry material over the drum and behind the planer to clear the working area of milled material and reduce re-milling of material. Minimizing re-milling reduces horsepower requirements and maximizes the performance of both the skid steer and planer attachment. Standard flow models are available in 12- and 16-inch cutting widths to operate with hydraulic flows of 13 to 16 gpm. High-flow models are available in cutting widths from 16 to 36 inches and operate with flows from 24 to 45 gpm. Properly matching the attachment to the machine is critical in high-production work attachments like cold planers, advises Paladin. 

Pro-Tech offers a complete line of steel-trip-edge Sno Pushers for clearing icy snow and hard pack, including models designed to attach to compact carriers. The containment plows feature the company’s patented IST technology, which uses a steel edge mounted on a specially-blended memory urethane. When an obstruction is hit, the edge flexes and snaps back to its original angle in a smooth, non-shocking trip action. The plows contain self-leveling wear shoes to ensure a level push for excellent scraping performance. A total of 12 steel trip edge models are available. The 10- to 14-foot backhoe models can push 10 to 14 yards of snow in one pass; the 6- to 12-foot skid steer models can push 6 to 12 cubic yards.

The Terex ASV PT-100 Forestry compact track loader equipped with a HD7460B mulcher combines 99.9 horsepower with low ground pressure for good traction when working in dense undergrowth or difficult terrain. The purpose-built drum-style mulcher attachment has a cutting width of 60 inches, a spiral configuration to the cutting drum, and 45 cutting teeth to quickly process trees and brush to any texture. It features a two-speed drive system that uses a poly-chain cog belt for efficient and reliable transfer of power to the drum.

The Toro Company unveils the latest additions to its Dingo compact utility loader family – the narrow and wide-track TX 427 models. Successors to the company’s TX 420 and TX 425 models, both new TX 427 loaders feature a 27-horsepower Kohler engine with a heavy-duty two-stage air cleaner as standard. Featuring four independent hydraulic pumps, the TX 427 compact utility loaders deliver 16.9 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow to each track, as well as 11.4 gpm to the auxiliary hydraulics and 6 gpm to the loader arm. The auxiliary hydraulics pump 19 dedicated horsepower to the attachment for increased productivity in ground-engaging applications.

The B-Series skid steer loader product line from Volvo Construction Equipment includes five models – the Tier 3-certified MC60B, MC70B, MC80B, MC90B and MC110B. With net engine outputs ranging 45 to 83 horsepower, the models boast rated operating capacities from 1,400 to 2,400 pounds. An overhauled hydraulic system provides increased serviceability, with the hydraulic filter integrated into the hydraulic tank to open up space in the rear engine compartment. The hydraulic hoses have been upgraded to steel tubes for more durability, and the hydraulic lines are now located on top of the lift arm. The upgraded Tier 3 engine now provides increased ground speed, along with lift/lower/curl/dump cycle times that are up to 35-percent faster than the earlier Tier 2 models.

Wacker Neuson’s WL 30 compact articulated wheel loader can easily be transferred from a summertime “jack-of-all-trades” to a versatile snow removal machine, according to the manufacturer. When outfitted for snow removal, the WL 30 is narrow enough to fit on sidewalks and has many easy-to-install attachments enabling the machine to “throw it, push it, sweep it and haul it,” enhanced by an on-demand differential lock and four-wheel drive with articulated steering. A low overall height allows the Wacker Neuson compact wheel loader to work under sidewalk canopies and other structures. The machine offers a spacious, heated cab with an adjustable seat and intuitive controls. A side door allows operators to easily and safely enter and exit the unit.

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