Power Side Wing Plow

PowersidewingplowPower Side Wing Plow – Hydraulically powered wings can rotate 180 degrees allowing you to transform your plow from a straight pusher, to a pusher box plow, or even a back drag plow with the push of a button. The hydraulic cylinders on the moldboard allow you to position the plow to windrow. With plows ranging in size from our SW35 product line in 8’/13’ and 10’/15’ sizes, you can even mount onto smaller tractors. If you need a larger plow, the SW48 is available standard in 10’/17’, 12’/19’, and 14’/21’. With our new 5’ wings, you can also have 10’/20’, 12’/22’, and 14’/24’ configurations. There is also a short 5’ wing to allow you to scoop under trailers and dock doors.