Pre Cise Logo GroupESTES PARK, COLORADO, SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 – PreCise MRM unveiled today comprehensive enhancements to its industry-leading Mobile Resource Management platform. These enhancements are targeted at winter maintenance operations, striving to reduce their costs associated with materials used in clearing snow and ice from the road.
The company is demonstrating this new functionality this week at the APWA (American Public Works Association) Western Snow and Ice Conference in Estes Park, Colorado.
Despite shrinking budgets for public works departments and private road maintenance contractors, citizens still expect the streets and highways to remain clear throughout even the most severe winter storms. This presents an enormous challenge for winter maintenance crews to do more with less, especially as the prices of salt and fuel increase. As a part of FORCE America, the team at PreCise MRM was uniquely positioned to help these organizations meet this challenge with this new release.
FORCE America already supplies most of the technology on a plow truck to effectively remove snow and apply treatment materials such as salt and sand. Using GPS-based hardware mounted in each truck, PreCise provides a system commonly known as AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) that provides detailed reporting on the work effort of winter maintenance equipment. In 2009, FORCE America acquired PreCise MRM and integrated the product engineering and support groups into the organization, creating an unmatched level of control over the end solution and dramatically improving the customer experience.
With these enhancements, users can log-in to PreCise’s web-based software from any web browser, draw a geofence around a stretch of road, and tell exactly how much salt was used over a given date range. Operations personnel can quickly determine which routes have been covered, how many miles have been treated, and even drill down to know which equipment operators are utilizing the most material. There are also mechanisms built into the system that can email a supervisor if a plow truck has warning alerts like low material or auger problems. All of these enhancements are targeted at increasing visibility and control over winter operations.
“For years, customers have been requesting this type of solution” says John Stenz, Senior Vice President at FORCE America. “Unfortunately, independent companies working separately have not been able to produce a solution where the users trust the accuracy of the data. As one organization, we are able to provide unprecedented accuracy, and the customer isn’t given the run-around. They are dealing with one company for the end-to-end solution.”


PreCise Mobile Resource Management includes a ruggedized GPS device specifically designed for the rigors of the extreme environments found with winter maintenance equipment. This device gathers critical information about the work effort of the equipment and transmits it wirelessly to a secure data center accessible from anywhere in the world. Because PreCise is web-based, users can take advantage of this new functionality simply by logging into the system normally.


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