Lsc Mast Up 2STATESVILLE, N.C. — The newest addition to the line of portable light towers from Doosan Infracore Portable Power is the LSC (LightSource® Compact), designed with class-leading durability and reliability to meet the rigorous standards of rental and construction markets. The new LSC is ideal for illumination of special events, road and bridge construction, emergency and disaster relief, and general construction sites.

The LSC portable light tower features a compact platform for jobsite mobility as well as truckload maximization with eleven fully-assembled units on a standard flatbed for cost-effective transportation. The LSC also utilizes up to 20 percent less space during storage and full operational deployment on a jobsite compared to the industry average, while maintaining its wind stability, static roll threshold and 30-foot extension capabilities.

Four 1,000-watt metal-halide floodlights provide a NEMA 6 x 7 beam spread for better light distribution and area coverage. The fixture design with a side-mounted/horizontally positioned bulb in each rectangular floodlight provides broad light distribution of 460 foot-candles. Cast-aluminum fixture housings include a separate reflector that lowers the risk of disruptive light distribution and offers a robust light. The small footprint of the floodlights reduces wind load.

The heavy-duty galvanized steel tower of the LSC extends from 12 to 30 feet and the mast is raised by dual, hand-operated winches and an automatic safety brake. Curly cord protection within the steel shroud along the first section of the tower prevents pinch or puncture damage. At full mast and with all four outrigger/jacks secured, the unit will withstand winds up to 65 mph. The telescoping tower can be rotated 360 degrees and locked into position for precise aiming of floodlights. For traveling and storage, a patented system automatically locks the tower into place when in the horizontal position.

The LSC light tower is equipped with a Mitsubishi L3E 1,800-rpm water-cooled Tier 4 Final engine. The engine, along with a 4.5 kW generator and 27 gallon fuel tank, provides up to

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52 hours of continuous operation. The new light tower is backed by an industry-leading factory warranty providing 2-year/2,000-hour bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Superior strength and robustness for towing and operation stability is provided by a 7-gauge steel frame with integrated towbar. Safe towing of the LSC light tower is also ensured with a standard 2-inch ball hitch and a DOT full-running light package. All critical wiring is extended to the drawbar to enable easy hook-up to the tow vehicle. The trailer is also equipped with four tie-downs, zinc-coated chains, a license plate holder with light and VIN number for towing safety and compliance.

Options available for the LSC include dual electric winches with an automatic safety stop, a low fuel shutdown with indicator light and a block heater. Two optional hitches are also available — a combination hitch with a 2 ½-inch pintle eye and a 2-inch ball or a hitch with a 3-inch pintle eye.