Frostjet ‘Snow & ICE Defense System

  • The Frost jet retro-fits the windshield washer system and is designed to clear the windshield of cars and trucks of frost and ice.

  • The Frost jet heats the windshield washer fluid as it is passed on to the wiper blades providing hot fluid to remove frost, ice, salt solution and assist in removing bugs from the windshield.

  • The Frost jet can be retrofit to most vehicles.

  • Two models are currently available:  A 50 amp unit with 6’ battery harness for cars and pickups with gas engines and a 90 amp unit with 15’ harness for heavy duty trucks with diesel engines.

  • 50 Amp Frost jet = $246

  • 90 Amp Frost jet = $275

  • Buy 2 or more – Take 10% off the price

  • FOB Frazier Park, California

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Frost Jet

Key Features

The Frost jet is a small washer fluid heating system that raises the temperature of the fluid to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Simply mount it in the engine compartment, plug the existing washer hoses into the unit and connect to battery. A “smart sensor” built into the Frost jet turns the unit on and off automatically dependent upon battery voltage.

Once the vehicle has been started, an 8 second burst of heated windshield washer fluid will clear frost, ice and salt water film from the windshield allowing for clear visibility when driving.  Key selling features include:

  • Easy installation on most gas and diesel engine vehicles.
  • Hot washer fluid will clear frost, ice and salt water film from the windshield for clear and safe visibility.
  • Automatic on and off based on battery voltage.
  • Eliminates need to scrape the windshield of frost on cold mornings.
  • Extend the life of windshield wiper blades.
  • Assist in removing bug residue.

Suggested Applications:

  • Public Works – fire trucks, police vehicles, street sweepers
  • Pick up trucks used to evaluate road conditions
  • Plow trucks used for snow and ice control
  • Buses used in public transportation
  • Semi tractor trailers
  • Fleets and Service Vehicles

Any vehicle (car or truck)