SnowEx Introduces New Job-Tracking Technology

Snow Ex Salt Traxx 2WARREN, Mich. – SnowEx unveils the V-Maxx Salt-Traxxä digital job tracker, a new tool designed to help snow and ice management professionals document and evaluate their salt spreading applications. It simply plugs into the existing controller on select SnowEx V-Maxx spreaders and records important data, such as the amount of salt used and time spent on each job.

To use the Salt-Traxx, the operator first selects the pre-set job number for a specific client or property. After the job is started, the unit measures the total amount of salt being spread according to the V-Maxx controller settings and time elapsed. The data is displayed on a digital read-out and also saved to a standard removable USB memory stick. When finished, the operator can plug the memory stick into a personal computer and upload the information in a format compatible with MicrosoftÒ ExcelÒ. The spreadsheet shows the date, number of starts and stops, time elapsed, and cubic feet of salt used under each job number.

The technology behind Salt-Traxx eliminates the need to write down information by hand on the jobsite. It also gives contractors and other winter maintenance professionals a new ability to evaluate their operations and maximize efficiency. The data helps for billing clients and deciding how much salt to purchase from season to season. Furthermore, it provides documentation for reducing liability in the event of a slip-and-fall claim.

“The Salt-Traxx device provides a new, affordable business evaluation tool for contractors,” said Mark Hall, director of marketing and sales for SnowEx. “Now, they can be more efficient than ever with their V-Maxx spreaders.”

The Salt-Traxx is compatible with both new and existing models of the following V-Maxx spreaders: SP-8500, SP-9300, SP-9500, SP-2200 and SP-2400. The unit comes standard with a two-year warranty.

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