Valet Biking

If you build roads or cause them to be built, you’ve heard of the Administration’s ‘livability’ mantra which argues that all forms of transportation, not just vehicles, should be considered when building communities.  Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood wants to see much more consideration for bike users when plans are drawn up for new transportation initiatives.

In the same spirit, New York City last year ordered that parking garages must also park bikes. When I lived in NYC a few years back I had friends that used those garages, and some, it appeared to me, were paying more for their parking space than their apartment. I had a bike, just for fun and sport and the thrill of trying to stay alive on it, but it was parked in my apartment

So, you can now park you bike in a New York parking garage just as if it were a car. New York being New York, the inevitable happened. Once you have risked your neck on Manhattan streets, you get to pay a few bucks short of $200 a month for the privilige of dropping it off at your garage. Check out this Wall Street Journal story.