New Road Products: New power equipment, materials and supplies for the road market

By Mike Anderson and Tina Grady Barbaccia


Engine reduces particulate matter by 90 percent

Komatsu America Corp. has introduced its new diesel engine that features the next generation of engine technology designed to meet U.S. EPA non-road Tier 4 interim emission regulations. The new diesel engine reduces exhaust gas particulate matter (PM) by more than 90 percent when compared to current Tier 3 levels, says the company. It also reduces NOx by more than 45, according to Komatsu. Computer-controlled heavy-duty HPCR system delivers a precise quantity of pressurized fuel into the engine combustion chamber using multiple injections to achieve complete fuel burn and reduce exhaust emissions.

Doosan air compressor: less noise, more fuel efficiency

The new Platinum Series P185 portable air compressor from Doosan Infracore Portable Power is powered by a high-performance 48-horsepower Interim Tier 4 compliant John Deere or Yanmar diesel engine and provides 185 cfm at 100 to 125 psi. The noise level for the new air compressor has been reduced by 50 percent and fuel efficiency has been increased by 21 percent, providing a 10-hour full-load runtime on one tank of fuel. The new Platinum Series P185 portable rotary-screw air compressor launched in California and then launched nationally.

Grinds centerline and shoulder rumble strips

Thomas Grinding’s TR-2000-SC high-production rumble strip machine allows the user to grind both shoulder rumble strip and centerline rumble strips and is capable of production rates of 130 feet per minute (1.5 miles per hour) in asphalt. (Production rate is affected by the hardness of asphalt and other job conditions.) The machine also easily detaches from the tow vehicle.

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The new Wirtgen W 200 and W 210 cold mills can both be equipped with milling drum assemblies of 59, 79 or 87 inches. Three selectable engine speeds enable a broad range of applications, from fine milling, to large-scale surface course rehabilitation, to complete pavement removal at full 13-inch cutting depth. A single engine that generates 550 horsepower powers the 59,934-pound W 200. The 62,138-pound W 210 features a unique fuel-saving drive concept using two diesel engines, which generates a total 671 horsepower.

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Road-Ready road milling drums from Kennametal feature Pro-Fit and Quick-Change block systems that are balanced to reduce machine vibration with end rings that reduce wear and provide a straight cut. Every drum is issued with an ID plate, serial number, and certificate of authenticity that authenticates the owner to a Kennametal drum warranty, set of premium start-up tools and a complete maintenance tool kit. Five different types of drums are available: Standard milling, reclamation/stabilization, profile milling, micro milling, and specialty drums.

The BM 2000/50 and BM 2000/60 cold planer milling machines from Bomag offer a 79-inch cutting width to remove a half lane of road surface in one pass. Both planers are powered by EPA Tier 3 compliant Deutz water-cooled diesel engines. The BM 2000/50 features a 469-horsepower engine that delivers a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 2.8 and maximum working speed of 112 feet per minute (fpm). The 590-horsepower engine on the BM 2000/60 provides a horsepower-per-cutting-tooth ratio of 3.5 with a maximum working speed of 98 fpm. Both models are capable of milling depths up to 12.6 inches.

Low center of gravity, a wide stance and exclusive double parallelogram rear suspension all combine to deliver more sure-footed operation and improved traction for the Terex PR330 utility mill. Machine design offers a number of configurations to meet application demands including four-track or four-wheel drive systems, and a multi-width cutter offering 24-, 36- and 48-inch cutting widths to maximize machine utilization. The PR330’s “center mount” cutter design positions the full weight of the machine over the rotor. Four steering modes offer exceptional onsite maneuverability.

Asphalt Zipper’s AZ-600B 6-foot-wide portable reclaimer is powered by a 203-hp Cummins (Tier 3) intercooled turbo diesel engine, producing 695 foot-pounds of torque. Designed for front-end loaders, it quickly mounts on the bucket of most loaders and transports on a trailer behind a pickup truck. The reclaimer can pulverize asphalt up to 12 inches thick and 72 inches wide at more than 5,500 square feet per hour.

The revamped Terex PR950B half-/full-lane milling machine features a new engine that operates at a lower-engine rpm to substantially reduce noise levels and improve operator comfort. Its new service center and work platform offers unobstructed access to the engine, filters and hydraulic pumps, while its new service panel offers quick troubleshooting of the hydraulic system in the field. The PR950 offers a standard 86-inch cutting width with 103-, 135- and 150-inch widths available. A tapered housing design carries substantially less material, improving production and reducing cleanup.

The Volvo MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine powered by a 610-horsepower, Tier 3-certified Cummins engine. The machine offers three distinct engine- and drum-cutting speeds selectable from the operator’s panel, an industry first, according to Volvo. The MT2000 can run both 78.74-inch (2,000-mm) and 86.02-inch (2,185-mm) wide drums.

The new Dynapac PL500T is a 20-inch compact cold planer that offers a maximum cutting depth of 6.3 inches. Available as three- or four-wheeled units, the PL500T is powered by a Cummins QSB 4.5 C110/C130 diesel engine with a rating of 110 hp at 2,200 rpm. The cold planer features a hydraulically-operated front sealing of the cutter housing to minimize the accumulation of the milled material. 

Caterpillar’s PM200 Cold Planer with an optional 88-inch (2.2-meter) cutting rotor is a high-production, highly-maneuverable half-lane milling machine that performs controlled full-depth removal of asphalt and concrete pavements in a single pass. Now, two cutting-width options when purchasing the PM200: the standard 79-inch rotor or the new 88-inch rotor option. Operating weight for the PM200 is about 66,359 pounds with the standard 79-inch rotor package; the weight increases to 69,445 pounds with the optional 88-inch rotor package. Both rotors feature conical tool holders and have a maximum cutting depth of 12.6 inches. The 79-inch conical tool holder rotor is equipped with 178 carbide-tipped tools, and the optional 88-inch conical tool holder rotor is equipped with 193 carbide-tipped tools.

Roadtec’s RX-400 cold planer features a 48-inch standard cutting width, and an optional variable cutting system including 26- and 36-inch widths and a 60-inch cutting-width package. Maximum cut depth is 12.5 inches. The cold planer has a 325-horsepower Caterpillar C9 ACERT engine and has been redesigned recently to include a bolt-on design for the right rear leg with a swivel pivot point for steering. All key sizes on the machine’s leg tubes are now the same, and the RX-400 and the RX-500 both use a common key design now. The hydraulic system has undergone modifications to prevent excessive leakage at low speed under load. Its maximum operating speed is 172 feet per minute.