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New road products

by Tina Grady Barbaccia


DeereDeere Power Systems to build 2.4L LPG engine

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has partnered with Crown Equipment to develop and produce a 2.4L liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) industrial engine for the new Crown C-5 Series forklift. The new engine was designed specifically to power material handling equipment in demanding applications.



bucketBucket works one tooth at a time

Leading Edge Attachments, Inc., introduces the patent-pending STAG Bucket, a high penetration bucket utilizing “staggered tooth” technology. It is designed for excavators, allowing the operator to easily dig compacted soils, coral, shale, caliche, stratified materials, shot rock or frozen ground with higher concentrated breakout force. The new bucket is priced below the company’s Multi-Ripper Bucket. The STAG bucket design allows the operator to focus the excavator’s full breakout force on one tooth at a time because the front leading edge is angled. Creating flat trench bottoms is easy with this new bucket also because the teeth are on the same plane, similar to a conventional bucket.


fhwaFHWA yes to guardrail change

The new specially designed 5- pound-foot Nu-Guard 27 Barrier System posts manufactured by Nucor Steel Marion, Inc. have been accepted by the Federal Highway Administration for use in lieu of W6 by 9 wood or steel I-beam posts when repairing sections within existing runs of 27-inch-high W-beam guardrails.



CemenCemen Tech onsite mix/dispense

Cemen Tech’s new MCD10-150 Mobile concrete dispenser produces 60 yards of high-quality concrete per hour and can hold up to 10 cubic yards of materials. The volumetric mixer carries the materials necessary for concrete production in separate bins and they are measured out at the job site where the concrete is produced in the machine’s exclusive pump master mix auger. Mix designs can also be changed per specifications with a simple and quick resetting of the aggregate bin gates.


N.M. OKs gravity retaining walls

New Mexico’s Department of Transportation has approved the use of Redi-Rock gravity retaining walls in DOT projects. The retaining walls allow engineers to design walls up to 24 feet high without geogrid or reinforcement due to the massive weight of each block. The DOT’s approval allows the walls that look like natural stone to be built up to 12-foot tall in DOT applications. The structural walls consist of individual one-ton blocks that interlock to create structural walls that require no mortar or pins.


topconTopcon’s next generation is here

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Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) has introduced the FC-250, the next generation field controller with an operating system power of Windows Mobile Version 6.5.

The PC performance with 806MHz processor and 256MB SDRAM is designed to significantly speed up data collection in the field. The FC-250 also has a built-in Bluetooth modem and wireless LAN capability as standard features. Topcon also has released SurveyMaster Lite, a new CAD-based desktop application for surveying and job site information editing and plotting. It allows users to manage data from raw format all the way through to a finished plot. Survey calculations can be completed and uploaded to the field collector for stakeout and field verification.



DoosanDoosan C 185 portable air compressor

Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s new portable air compressor, the compact Ingersoll Rand C185 compressor, produces 185 cubic feet per minute (cfm) at 100 pounds per square inch (psi), runs off a high-performance 49-horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has an eight-hour runtime. The compressor weighs 1,835 pounds, has two service air ports for multi-tool use and a cool-box design that enables cool air to enter the rear of the compressor.



superSuper efficient new sweeper

Elgin Sweeper has introduced the Crosswind NX regenerative air sweeper, equipped with the patented NX filtration technology introduced on Guzzler industrial vacuum loaders by Federal Signal in 2002. The sweeper incorporates vertically oriented filter bags, which provide high efficiency filtration of 99.997 percent at 0.5 micron.


trimbleTrimble updates portfolio

Trimble has updated its portfolio of mapping and GIS field and office software products, enhancements that focus on impoved Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) accuracy for data collection. The DeltaPhase technology, results from receivers such as the GeoXT handheld and GPS Pathfinder ProX show 50-centimeter accuracy in good environments and improved yield under canopy and in multi-path prone areas. Results for the Juno series handhelds with post-processed accuracy are now in the 1- to 3- meter range. The company also has introduced a new version of its Trimble 4D Control software that combines GNSS and optical technologies for real-time deformation monitoring applications.


BID LIST: Pavers


caterpillarWith the 8-foot-class AP500E wheeled and AP555E tracked asphalt pavers, Caterpillar has brought larger-paver technology and features to the commercial paving market. The material-handling system uses four individual pumps that enable each conveyor and auger to deliver the exact amount of mix to the screed. The left and right conveyors and left and right augers are controlled independently, ensuring mix demand is met when shifting paving widths. When equipped with the AS2252C screed, the AP500E and AP555E operate at 33,715 and 35,290 pounds respectively.


dynapacDynapac’s F1000T rubber-tracked, 10-foot paver offers simple, operator-friendly controls that are grouped for convenience. The controls offer a multi-function display, paving speed control, and a single-lever speed control for forward and reverse. The F1000W wheeled, 10-foot paver is scheduled for production beginning this month, and two 8-foot pavers are scheduled for 2011 — the F800T rubber-tracked paver in January, and the F800W wheeled paver in April. Go to or our Facebook Fan Page,, to see video footage and more photos of the paver.


Wirtget-nThe Wirtgen SP 15 slipform paver for offset concrete paving has a maximum paving width of 6 ft., maximum barrier/parapet placement height of 4 ft., 3 in., and weighs 27,500 lbs. It has quick on-site changes for left or right side pouring and all-track steering and positioning. The Eco mode feature matches engine rpm to machine power requirements.

Available in North America only, beginning in Summer 2010, the Wirtgen SP 25 slipform paver has a maximum paving width of 12 ft., and maximum barrier/parapet placement height of 6 ft. It also features quick on-site changes to left or right side pouring and Eco mode. Its maximum weight is 39,600 lb. (18,000 kg).


The 1448 Plus and 1648 Plus Gehl Power Box Asphalt Pavers feature fully-extendable screed extensions. A full-floating, adjustable and vibratory 8-foot, 13-inch screed is standard on both Power Box models. Crown, invert and pitch adjustments are provided through screw-type jacks located at the center and ends of the main screed assembly. To heat the screed, the 1648 Plus uses a propane burner system. By preheating the screed, asphalt is prevented from bonding to the screed’s wear plate and scoring mat finish. The 1448 Plus uses the engine exhaust to heat the screed with propane-heated screed as optional.


volvoThe Volvo PF6160 and PF6170 wheel-mounted pavers are part of the PF6000-Series highway-class asphalt paver line that combines the legacy of Blaw-Knox with the latest technology. A patented level-load suspension design uses the two-drive wheels and the center of the bogie hydraulic system to provide consistent and even ground contact for stability. Both come standard with the two-wheel front-wheel assist; however, the PF6170 can be configured with an optional four-wheel front-wheel assist for all-wheel-drive capability. 


MIEThe M1E self-propelled continuous slurry seal and micro surfacing paver from Bergkamp Inc. features the innovative EMCAD (Electronic Mix Control and Diagnostic). The system ties material ratios of aggregate, asphalt emulsion, water, additive and fines together with an electronic signal and automatically maintains the ratios with feedback loops. It also electronically self-diagnoses control system or engine problems and displays an error code.


bomagThe redesigned BF814 and BF815 pavers from Bomag now feature a low-profile engine hood for improved operator visibility. Both the engine and hood have been lowered six inches to give the operator a better view of both sides of the machine.

Built with UNIMAT 2 screed assemblies, the BF814 and BF815 offer 8- to 14-foot and 8- to 15-foot standard paving widths, respectively. They can maintain paving speeds up to 180 feet per minute and travel speeds up to 360 feet per minute.

The Bomag BF6615 self-propelled asphalt paver weighs in at more than 22,000 pounds and features a 99-horsepower Cummins water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine. The engine’s Ecomode feature automatically lowering rpm’s during stops, which saves fuel and reduces noise. The new design, UNIMAT 2 full-width floating screed has a standard 8- to 15-foot paving width. The screed is electrically heated, eliminating the need to change propane bottles in the middle of a large project. Dual vibrators provide 2,500 vibrations per minute.


Roadtec highway class paver models are now available with an optional temperature-sensing bar. Developed by MOBA, the device measures the temperatures of the entire mat width in real time and records that data, along with the corresponding GPS coordinates. The paver operator is able to see the temperature information on a screen, and has the ability to control the paving process better by spotting potential problem spots and taking corrective action. The company offers 8- and 10-foot pavers in tire or rubber track versions.


Calder Brothers Corporation has announced the availability of thermostatic control, electric heat on the company’s high-end Silver-16 screed. The Mauldin 1750-C paver now offers two thermostatically-controlled heating options; propane or electric. By entering the “auto” mode at the start of the day, the screed is assured to be at the proper paving temperature when it is placed on the mat.


terexTerex Roadbuilding’s CR662RM RoadMix material transfer vehicle and paver features a variable-pitch in-hopper auger design that dramatically increases material throughput. Pitch spacing – transitioning from 10 inches in the front to 11 inches and then to 12 inches the rear – channels material to the rear of the machine for faster truck unloading. The auger can exceed 500 tons per hour and reblends 100 percent of the material to combat both material and thermal segregation.


visionThe Vision Series of asphalt pavers from Vögele America included the 10-ft. tracked Vision 5200-2 with HR 500-1E screed, the 8-ft. tracked Vision 5100-2, 10-ft. wheeled Vision 5203-2, and 8-ft. wheeled Vision 5103-2. All the models provide forward and all-around visibility without turning. The operator’s stations also swing out from both edges of the machine.


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