America: We’re not the team we used to be

That’s us in the corner, losing our competitiveness.

My guess is that most Americans still think we are world leaders in a field where, in fact, we are not. Actually, we are not even in the leading group of countries when competitiveness is measured. And for those who read the tea leaves trying to assess where we’ll be, economically, down the road, competitiveness is a good signifier.

Valuable column today by Thomas Friedman in the New York Times about Intel chief Paul Otellini’s assessment of why, and how, we are become less and less competitive on the world stage, to our detriment out there, and back here at home. My guess is that what you read will surprise you, upset you and make you wonder how the heck this could happen and what can  we do to reverse the trend (Otellini has some  basic ‘musts’ to offer). It’s a much needed column on a topic we should spend more time addressing.