• Kenco Barrier LiftThe Kenco Barrier Lift can be used on concrete median barriers, sound walls, curbing & piling. It is also a great tool for aligning barriers that have already been placed.
  • Ready for operation by simply using a lifting sling and clevis hook on any model of machine with lifting capabilities.
  • Simply lower it down on the barrier wall. The scissor-type operation of the lifter automatically closes to securely grab the wall, and doesn’t lose its’ grip until the wall is set into position.
  • Elastomer pads provide superior gripping performance, even in wet weather.
  • All models are available with optional self-aligning guides. The guides extend down from one set of the pads to allow the lifter to align itself with the barrier wall whenever the lifter is lowered into position. This optional feature can also be purchased separately to attach to earlier models of the Kenco barrier lift.
  • Lifting capacities are available from 1500 to 30,000 pounds.

Kenco furnishes attachments for excavators from mini to 200,000 pounds, wheel loaders from 1 to 40 yards, dozers, and skid steer machines.