Donaldson expands fuel filter product line

Filtration systems and parts manufacturer Donaldson Company has expanded its fuel filter offering to provide customers with even more options to protect engine components and to extend equipment life.

The expanded line of replacement fuel filters includes a full complement of filters to fit the following:

  • Cummin engines,
  • Racor fuel systems,
  • Stanadyne Fuel Manager FM100 fuel systems, and
  • DAVCO Fuel Pro 380/382/482 fuel processors.

“If you haven’t used Donaldson fuel filters before, now is the time” Rich Lewis, general manager in charge of liquid filtration at Donaldson Company, says in a written statement. “This expanded product line-up gives us comprehensive coverage of fuel filter applications in both on-road and off-road vehicles, provides performance that meets or exceeds application requirements, and offers features that make them easy to install and more convenient to use. It truly is a better way to filter fuel.”

Many of the fuel filters in the expanded line have Twist&Drain valves, which make them among the easiest to service and use in the industry. The Twist&Drain valve, a key feature on Donaldson replacement filters for Cummins and Racor systems, turns the complicated task of removing water into an easy process. This Donaldson-exclusive valve has been designed with user-friendly features the following:

  • a wider, easy-turn “thumb and forefinger” profile,
  • self-venting, allowing for easy water flow, and
  • a single threaded port in the bottom of the filter housing for fast and easy water draining – without the awkwardness of multiple sensor and drain ports.

Donaldson filters for Cummins engines with Twist&Drain valves come standard with a fully integrated water-in-fuel (WIF) sensor in the drain valve for operator notification of water presence. Learn more at

Donaldson filters for Racor systems (used in both on- and off-road vehicles) come with a choice of standard Twist&Drain valves or Twist&Drain valves with an integrated threaded sensor port designed to be compatible with existing OE sensors. Filters for the Racor systems also offer the option of a clear water collection bowl for visual water inspection. Learn more at

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Donaldson filters for Stanadyne Fuel Manager FM100 systems cover a range of 500 off-road vehicle and equipment applications with just 17 part numbers, allowing dealers and maintenance shops to reduce inventory and shelf space. This reliable, simplified Donaldson design includes a universal interface, with no “keys” necessary to fit existing equipment. It’s also fully compatible with OE drain valves, sensors and bowls. Learn more at

Donaldson also offers fuel filter cartridges for DAVCO Fuel Pro 380/382/482 fuel processors, which are used in a wide variety of on-road vehicles. Available in standard and plus sizes, these filter cartridges offer the easy maintenance and consistent performance you expect from Donaldson and are compatible with OE specified electronic filter life indicators. Learn more at

Many Donaldson replacement fuel filters are manufactured using Synteq media, a high-efficiency, robust media for fine particulate removal. This composite media combines cellulose and synthetic materials to give you worry free performance and extended filter life to meet or exceed even the most demanding application requirements. Learn more at: