This vehicle was Made in America.

Road SignHere’s an suprising image. Somewhere in Korea people are about to drive around in a brand new silver 2013 Honda Accord with a badge that says  Made in America.

According to Forbes magazine, ” Within two years, the company says it will be exporting more North American-built vehicles than it imports from Japan.”

We expect drivers all over the world to know that Ford and Chevrolet are American badges, but Honda? BMW?

It seems that America is increasingly becoming a great place to assemble vehicles. The Forbes story cites such assets as favorable currency exchange rates which effectively  lower labor costs (relatively), new free-trade deals and the high quality and availability of plant capacity.  Automakers exported more than 1.56 million U.S.-built vehicles to more than 200 countries in 2011 and that number could rise to more than two million vehicles as early as 2015 say Forbes sources.

With all the rattle and hum of election rhetoric about American jobs going overseas, this is a very Friday night feel good story don’t you think.