New Dynapac compact planer PL350TD is specifically designed for flush milling of manhole covers

Dynapac PL350TDDynapac PL350TD

The Dynapac PL350TD compact planer is equipped with a Cummins B 3.3 engine and 60 hp motor power. It mills 13.8 inches wide to a depth of 3.9 inches with a cutting diameter of 20.5 inches and is well suited for milling of joints, flush cutting, removing road markings and other jobs where defective asphalt or concrete surfaces are cut.

The PL350TD is specifically designed for flush milling of manhole covers, but with both a left and right steering angle of 75 degrees and a 3.9-inch milling radius, it is also easily maneuverable in narrow construction sites.

The automatic mode for the conveyor belt and water spray bar is activated during milling and turned off when the milling stops.

The front ballast of the compact planer can easily be removed from the machine with a forklift when a job requires less weight. The right rear chassis leg also can be folded for flush cutting along curbs or buildings. It can also be used for groove milling with a cutting wheel and is commonly used to remove road markings.

If you use this compact planer on a jobsite, let us know how it works out for you and whether it helped with a specific application. If you you want to send in comments on using it or send in your own photos, send me an e-mail at [email protected].