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Specially developed operator’s platform

BOMAG’s BW100ADM-5 tandem vibratory roller features a specially developed operator’s platform that has a smaller diameter steering wheel, multifunctional travel lever, adjustable seat and circular instrumentation. Powered by a 20.2-horsepower water-cooled Kubota diesel engine, the roller delivers 3,822 pounds of centrifugal force at a 3,780-vpm frequency. The engine’s Ecomode system idles the engine while the roller is inactive. The roller, which has a 39.4-inch working width, has its travel motors contained within the drums instead of hanging from the drums, ensuring a compact design and boosting maneuverability. Additional features include a 26.4-gallon water tank; pressurized spray system with triple-filtered nozzles; BOMAG Intelligent Vibration Control; spring-applied hydraulically released parking brake; ROPS with retractable seat belt; backup alarm; emergency stop button; front and rear lights for night operation; and lockable engine hood and instrument panel. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit





Water truck hydraulic system

The new Caterpillar Water Delivery System is avail able now on the company’s 777G truck and will eventually be available with the 773G, 775G and 785D models. The system uses a self-contained hydraulic system that controls spray patterns and allows for a consistent spray width regardless of engine RPM. This is designed to use the optimum gallons per square yard. Cat says the system also reduces fuel consumption compared to traditional water trucks where the water cannon spray is tied to truck speed. With those trucks, operators often have to step on the gas to achieve maximum water cannon distance, according to Cat. Comes with factory-installed and integrated ergonomic cab controls (seven programmable automatic configurations) and intermittent spray in automatic or manual modes. The spray patterns are customizable to specific needs. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit




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Drilling 6-inch-diameter holes

Caterpillar’s MD5150 Track Drill is a full-featured drill for construction, quarrying and mining. The new drill is capable of hole diameters as large as 6 inches (152 mm) and features best-in-class airflow for high productivity. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit




Extended engine warranty

Freightliner Trucks is now offering the option of a free five-year/250,000-mile Cummins PP1 extended engine warranty on its model year 2012 and 2013 Freightliner Business Class M2 106 trucks with Cummins ISB engines purchased from dealer inventory before year end. To qualify for the program, trucks must be warranty registered and sold between Aug. 30, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2012. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit




Power Plus mode provides improved performance

Doosan’s DX140W wheel excavator is now powered by a 135-horsepower, turbocharged, 6-cylinder DL06KB water-cooled diesel. The 359-cubic-inch engine is Tier 4 Interim certified and features a high-pressure common rail design with direct fuel injection, electronic control and four valves per cylinder. The machine features an Electronic Power Optimizing System (EPOS) with four work modes — digging, breaker, shear and the new lifting mode. A new Power Plus mode provides improved performance and faster workgroup speeds for heavy-duty work, says Doossan. Outriggers can be controlled individually for stability on uneven surfaces. The front axle oscillates and provides excellent steering angles for maneuverability, says Doosan, but can be locked for better digger and lifting performance. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit



Atlas Copco

High air volume at medium pressure

The XAS 1800 JD7 compressor from Atlas Copco is designed for applications requiring a very high volume of air at medium pressure and is also compliant with Tier 4 EPA emission regulations. The exterior has been updated, and it comes with the new XC3003 electronic controller. The large display and simple design provides easy use for the operator. With help from the optional FuelXpert, a fuel saving system, the engine speed and air inlet valve are electronically regulated to optimize fuel consumption. The XAS 1800 portable air compressor produces 1800 cfm at 100 psi (7 bar) and 1,600 cfm at 150 psi (10 bar). The aftercooler reduces the compressed air outlet temperature to 25 degrees F over ambient for best results during application. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit



Lincoln Electric

Advanced process welder

You can weld thicker materials with Lincoln Electric’s Power Wave S500 advanced process welder, which has more than 65 standard welding waveforms for optimized arc performance in specific applications, and powers Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG and Flux-Cored processes, including Pulse-on-Pulse, Power Mode, RapidArc and Rapid X. The Power Wave S500 is rated at 450 amps, 36.5 volts at 100-percent duty cycle and a max of 550 amps, 41.5 volts at 40-percent duty cycle, with an output range of 5 to 550 amps. Upgrades are available via a standard ethernet connection. The modular unit can also be used with the optional Surface Tension Transfer Module or the Cool Arc 55 water cooler module, as well as transitioned into automated applications. Text INFO to 205.289.3789 or visit




Compacts for grading, excavating and trenching

Gehl’s new compact excavators are designed for grading, excavating, trenching, digging, light-utility construction, demolition and recycling. The new, zero-tail-swing models include the Z17, Z27, Z35, Z45 and Z80. Each model is powered by a Yanmar engine that is Tier 4 certified on the Z17 and Tier 4 Interim certified on the Z27, Z35, Z45 and Z80. By incorporating two variable pumps and two gear pumps, Gehl designed the hydraulic system to enhance engine performance. Oil flows are efficiently combined and redirected to where the flow is needed, allowing simultaneous operation without hydraulic power loss.

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Navman Wireless

Fleet tracking system app


Navman Wireless has released a new Android version of the mobile app for its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, free of charge to OnlineAVL2 users. Mobile users can tap the app to view fleet, vehicle group or individual asset location in real time on Google Maps; spot out-of-bounds vehicles or construction equipment; review any vehicle’s activity by date to retrace driving routes and pinpoint event times and locations; route drivers to a specific address with turn-by-turn directions and send drivers job details. The OnlineAVL2 mobile app can be downloaded at the Apple Store or Google Play. Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit




Mack Untitled 1Rear-end collision warning


A radar sensor mounted in the front bumper of a Mack Trucks Pinnacle helps warn drivers of the potential for a rear-end collision. Bendix Wingman Advanced – A Collision Mitigation Technology, provides adaptive cruise control with braking that actively intervenes to help drivers maintain a safe following distance by reducing the throttle, engaging the engine retarder, or if necessary applying the foundation brakes to help avoid collisions or at least lessen the severity. The system is always available above approximately 10 mph, even if cruise control is not set, and provides following distance and stationary object alerts.

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Komatsju Untitled 1Improved hydraulic efficiency


Komatsu America says its new PC210LC-10 hydraulic excavator features a more environmentally friendly Tier 4 Interim-certified Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine. The excavator, with an operating weight of 52,036 pounds, features improved hydraulic efficiency and operator comfort. It also offers improved hydraulic efficiency and has two counterweight options that maintain lift capacity and stability while providing transportation flexibility. KomatsuCare and KOMTRAX come standard with the machine.

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Drilling 6-inch-diameter holes


Caterpillar’s MD5150 Track Drill is a full-featured drill for construction, quarrying and mining. The new drill is capable of hole diameters as large as 6 inches (152 mm) and features best-in-class airflow for high productivity. Text INFO to 205-289-3789 or visit




Komatsu Two Untitled 1Moves more material in less time


Komatsu’s PC4000 hydraulic shovel, with an operating weight between 855,500 to 879,800 pounds and a bucket capacity of 29 cubic yards, is designed to move more material in less time for reduced costs per ton and increased profits. A powerful Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 diesel engine and four circuit advanced “Hydropilot” hydraulics are two of the major improvements to this model. The Komatsu SDA16V160E-2 diesel engine has a rated power of 1875 HP (1400 kW). The shovel’s low engine emission levels meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations Tier II and oil management system is fitted as standard on all machines. Electric drive 4,16 kV to 7,2 kV, 50 or 60 Hz, is also available.

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Materials book for sampling, testing


Association of American Safety and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO)’s 32nd Edition of the Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, also known as the Materials Book, contains 52 revised and six new specifications and test methods. The book also has 394 materials specifications and test methods commonly used in the construction of highway facilities. The specifications have been developed and maintained by transportation departments through participation in AASHTO’s Subcommittee on Materials. The book edition is organized in two volumes, Materials and Testing. Also included is the single-volume AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2012 edition.

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AASHTO Provisional Standards, 2012 Edition


The 16th edition of the Association of American Safety and Highway Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Provisional Standards contains 61 provisional standards, including eight revised and 14 new provisional standards. This single-volume book is included with all purchases of the Standard Specifications for Transportation Materials and Methods of Sampling and Testing, 32nd Edition, or can be purchased separately.

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Better control panel protection for boom lifts


JLG Industries is offering SkyGuard, which is designed to enhance control panel protection for boom lifts. SkyGuard is positioned in front of the platform control, and a sensor, which activates by approximately 50 pounds of force to stop all functions, can be initiated by all angles. SkyGuard features include reverse functionality, a sensor bar with the ability to break away for extra space, a horn and an optional blue flashing beacon for jobsite alerts. SkyGuard uses no movable parts and can be installed on most combustion-powered JLG boom lifts manufactured from 2004 and later.

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Iowa Mold Tooling

Tire manipulators revampeds


Iowa Mold Tooling has revamped its lineup of TireHand tire manipulators, including adding two new models. The units are available in loader or forklift truck-mounted options and provide capacities ranging from 5,500 to 36,000 pounds. The two new models – the TH20K167 and TH36K164 – offer 20,000 and 36,000 pounds of capacity, respectively. Design enhancements include an optimized pad design that features a new grip pattern and tapering; increased arm length to reach the back flange on the wheels; a minimized arm profile to reduce interference with chassis components; dual pinion pad rotation; and 100-degree cylinder body rotation that moves the center of gravity closer to the machine, allowing a smaller loader to be used.

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Evonik /Dynavis

Evonik Untitled 1Reduces fuel consumption


The high-performance multi-grade hydraulic fluid branded as “Equivis FE” developed with Evonik Oil Additives’ Dynavis Technology by Total Lubricants launched on Oct. 1. The hydraulic fluid, which will be distributed globally, boasts fuel economy as a top benefit. Fuel consumption is reduced by 5 to 30 percent, according to a series of field tests, says the manufacturer.

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Vacuworx Untitled 1Vacuum-based concrete barrier lifter


Now there is a vaccuum-based lifter designed for handling and placing concrete traffic barriers. Vacuworx’s lifter is made to work with a variety of host equipment and to function on road or in confined spaces with mobility restrictions. It works with all barrier sizes and has a four-to-one safe working load capacity of 7,500 pounds. The lifter is completely self-contained, with an integrated diesel engine. It operates with a matched tolerance gearing system that permits optimum operation for both the engine and vacuum pump, helping to create maximum continuous output and longer run life.

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