Summit Releases New Interactive Online DOT Drug Testing Series for Supervisors and Employees

Grand Rapids, MI – To ensure higher safety on the road, Summit Training Source has released two new interactive, multimedia online courses, DOT Drug Testing: Supervisor Training and DOT Drug Testing: Employee Awareness, to help companies understand the importance of drug and alcohol free employees, as well as the rights and requirements for testing for both employees and supervisorsThese programs are in addition to the library of over 200 interactive, online training programs that Summit currently offers.  

The DOT drug and alcohol testing regulations require mandatory testing for all safety sensitive transportation employees in the aviation, trucking, maritime, railroad, mass transit, and pipeline industries – roughly 10 million people.  Summit’s interactive, multimedia online training series DOT Drug Testing for Supervisors and Employees will keep your transportation employees drug and alcohol free to stay in compliance with DOT regulations, preventing the consequences of drug and alcohol related violations and fines. 

The DOT Drug Testing: Supervisor Training course covers:

  • Introduction to Reasonable Suspicion
  • Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse
  • Constructive Confrontation
  • The Testing Process
  • Test Results

The DOT Drug Testing: Employee Awareness course covers:

  • General Awareness
  • The Testing Process
  • Test Results
  • The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

Summit’s robust online training and recordkeeping system, Summit Trainingweb®, will consistently and effortlessly train your employees on why it is imperative to stay in compliance with the DOT regulations for drug and alcohol testing.  Available 24/7 from any location with a web browser, Summit’s engaging, technically accurate interactive online training courses ensure your employees and supervisors understand the details of this important DOT regulation.